Watsons launches Kwentong Pharmacist series

Watsons, a global brand in health and beauty retail, is leading the way in promoting and providing access to holistic health and wellness solutions. As every Filipino’s health partner, Watsons is offering various ways to deliver completae care for all and it has taken on a creative and engaging way of letting everyone know about it with the launch of the Kwentong Pharmacist series.

The series is made up of three fun and engaging bite-sized videos, and shares how easy and convenient it is to get all their health needs at Watsons.

Kwentong Date

In Kwentong Date, a man professes his feelings for a woman, telling her that she completes him and that there is no one else for him. A twist shows that not everything is as it seems and the woman is actually a Watsons Pharmacist, an expert in making sure he gets his health needs. The video further highlights how Watsons provides a complete and wide range of vitamins, supplements, over-the-counter and prescription medicines, personal care products, and other essentials, all sold at affordable prices. There’s truly nothing like accessible wellness products to make your life complete and healthy!

Kwentong Albularyo

Kwentong Albularyo taps into the popularity of folk healers when it comes to sicknesses. The albularyo in the video, however, might just be a little more advanced than the healers we are familiar with. This video showcases how customers don’t need to traverse mountains and seas or seek healers from the other side of the world to get the right medicine. Customers can conveniently access the Watsons app to avail any of their health needs with exclusive promos and discounts. It also has a network of over 1,000 stores nationwide, all of which are ready to provide expert care and advice from pharmacists, specialists, and staff. 

Kwentong Heartbreak

A woman opens up about a breakup and how painful it is. We hear the ever-so-popular line, “healing takes time” – but not at Watsons. Kwentong Heartbreak features Click & Collect, where customers can order health and beauty products on the Watsons app and pick them up in their selected store in as fast as 30 minutes. This means not having to endure the pain by getting their prescribed medicines on time. Customers may also try Express Delivery, where Watsons will deliver orders to their doorstep in three hours or less.

The features highlighted in Kwentong Pharmacist are just some of the ways Watsons safeguards the health of Filipino families. 

The health retailer is also one with the Department of Health and key medical associations in driving health and wellness literacy through information and education programs. Moreover, it uses its expertise and resources to make health solutions more inclusive and accessible.

“We are always looking for ways to engage our customers so we can fulfill our goal of promoting and providing access to holistic solutions, expert care and advice, and a platform for health literacy. Through Kwentong Pharmacist, we want to remind everyone that Watsons cares and we are here for you,” says Jared De Guzman, Watsons Customer Director.

For more information about Watsons, please visit watsonshealth.com.ph/

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