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  • Metro Pacific Health (MPH) presents #DECODE Episode 4 entitled “The Not-So-Sweet Truth about Juvenile Diabetes”

    Metro Pacific Health (MPH), the largest group of private hospitals in the Philippines and a part of the MVP group, is proud to , a captivating and informative episode that explores the truth about “juvenile diabetes” or what is more commonly called today as Type 1 Diabetes. This episode features insights from renowned healthcare professionals, […]

  • mWell HealthHub is the newest innovation in health and wellness for Filipinos

    mWell, Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC) subsidiary, continues to transform the health and wellness landscape in the Philippines with its newest innovation called the mWell HealthHub. This new feature within the mWell app further simplifies the process of finding and booking a variety of health services. Users can search for services, apply location filters, and […]

  • Unilab Foundation’s Project Inclusion Network breaks down barriers to hiring PWDs

    Securing employment these days is as challenging as it sounds, and for Persons with Disability (PWDs), the chances of getting gainful employment are even harder. In a time when people are clamoring for inclusivity, the reality is that PWDs still continue to face barriers to securing meaningful work opportunities. This realization ultimately became the inspiration […]

  • Why Running is Essential in Your Wellness Routine

    Did you know that running has been proven to make your brain literally grow by aiding in the creation of new brain cells? This helps improve a person’s overall cognitive function and reduce cognitive decline when done regularly. Aside from this, there’s a plethora of other health benefits that you can enjoy when you start lacing your shoes and […]

  • Gatorade No Sugar — a game-changer in the landscape of electrolyte drinks

    With the Filipino populace becoming increasingly conscious about fitness and health, the demand for hydration fit for a healthy lifestyle has skyrocketed.  In fact, the Philippines has witnessed a robust rise in its fitness culture in recent years. City streets that were once filled with vehicles now see morning runners and cyclists; parks that used […]


    CHERRY remains at the forefront of technology innovation, providing consumers with a comprehensive selection of products for health and wellness essentials. Get accurate readings at any given moment with CHERRY Smart Blood Pressure Monitor. Living a healthy and happy life is a top priority for everyone. However, with the busy and stressful lives that we lead, […]

  • Takeda Healthcare Philippines Unveils Access to Medicines Summit Catalogue

    Biopharmaceutical leader Takeda Healthcare Philippines Inc. (“Takeda Philippines”), together with its partners, recently released a Catalogue of Partnership Opportunities as part of its commitment to support the government in strengthening the Philippine healthcare system. Developed with insights and expertise gathered from their Access to Medicines summit held last October 11-12, 2022, in Manila, Philippines, the catalogue aims to provide […]

  • Takeda Healthcare Philippines Earns Prestigious Double Recognition at the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards

    Takeda Philippines Healthcare, Inc. (“Takeda”), a leading pharmaceutical company committed to create better health for people and a brighter future for the world, has been recognized with two prestigious awards at the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) ceremony held in Cambodia. The first award was given to Takeda’s Access To Medicines: Patient Assistance Program (AtM Program) […]

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