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  • AirAsia Filipino crew to get COVID-19 vaccines starting next month

    Ready for a strong return of demand in air travel, and true to its core value of putting people first, AirAsia is set to inoculate 1,500+ Filipino Allstars against COVID-19 starting next month. AirAsia has identified its priority list which includes  frontliner Allstars, such as ground staff, pilots, cabin crew and others who have direct engagements with its guests. This initiative […]

  • A match made by headache–Saridon and endorser Vice Ganda

    A birthday is something everyone looks forward to. It not only allows us to look back at the year that was, it also allows us to envision an even better year ahead. Last year, comedian and television host Vice Ganda’s birthday celebration was held under unusual circumstances as the COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone indoors.  Even […]

  • Fola Global; The makings of the next Health Empire?

    According to an article from Forbes; “A great leader posses a clear vision, is courageous, has integrity, honesty, humility and clear focus. … Great leaders help people reach their goals, are not afraid to hire people that might be better than them and take pride in the accomplishments of those they help along the way.” We all want to be leaders […]

  • As COVID-19 Cases reach an All-Time High, Safeguard Releases Limited Edition Hand Soap in Support of our Frontliners

    To support Filipinos and more especially the nation’s healthcare frontline workers, Safeguard Philippines partnered with Mercury Drug Corporation to release 20,000 bottles of an all-new limited-edition liquid hand soap   an illustration of the modern-day medical frontliner. All sales profits from these bottles will be used to donate handwashing facilities in health centers in key cities at the center […]

  • Uratex Group launches #GetUProtected, a vaccination program for employees

    The RGC/Uratex Group of Companies announced its #GetUProtected, a corporate-wide COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign, to make sure its entire workforce will get vaccinated. The campaign is led by the Uratex Pandemic Response Team (PRT) formed to create and implement adaptive measures and programs to assure the safety and wellness of the employees. Headed by Uratex COVID-19 […]

  • PascualLab celebrates 75 years by spreading the love

    In celebration of 75 years in the industry, Pascual Laboratories, Inc. (PascualLab), one of the most trusted pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines, highlights the value of care that comes from the family with its “PascualLove: Care begins with family” campaign. Built on a love for fellowmen by founders, chemists, and husband and wife team of Isosceles and […]

  • Tech Expert stresses the role of contactless biometric tracing in fight against surging COVID-19 cases

    After being in lockdown for almost a year, you’d think that we’d already have the most reliable and accurate contact tracing method in the world. Unfortunately, while other countries are already starting their vaccination programs, we are still struggling–make that failing to control the continue outbreak of COVID 19 cases. With 7,082 new cases recorded–the […]

  • #VaccineAlamin: TikTok partners with the Manila City Government on COVID-19 vaccine campaign

    Vaccination plays a key role in ending the COVID-19 pandemic by preparing a person’s immune system to fight the virus, should you be exposed. This potentially helps to reduce its spread within entire communities.  At present, majority of Filipinos are still unwilling to receive the vaccine due to concerns over its safety, according to the […]

  • Why Safeguard Foaming Body Wash is a fun new way to clean

    Three times. Thats the number of times I brush my teeth everyday–and no thanks to the pandemic, its also the minimum number of times that I take a bath each day. Every single time I go out of the house, even just a trip to the nearby 7-11 I make sure to take a quick […]

  • #HereforYou: Pacific Cross Philippines provides reliable assistance amidst COVID-19

    Pacific Cross Philippines (PCPH) proves their commitment to serving clients by providing reliable assistance amidst the COVID-19 crisis. PCPH has been providing coverage for COVID-19 since March 2020, superseding their standard exclusion on pandemics for their medical plans. Patients can incur large expenses for getting hospitalized when availability of a treatment for a disease is […]

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