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  • Sunplay Skin Aqua offers the best UVA/UVB protection

    Sunscreen is the one beauty product you should never forego no matter how hectic life is. It should be the last step in your morning skincare routine, whether you’re going out or staying at home. If you don’t like using sunscreen because it’s sticky and feels tacky on your skin, go for a water-based formula […]

  • Watsons launches new summer campaign “Love The Sun”

    Its summer and the sun is definitely out! Needless to say, it’s the perfect time to just go out there and literally do anything under the sun. But before you go out to get sunkissed and enjoy her warm embrace, you need to make sure you get protected and not get burned! With all the […]

  • Watsons is here to help you to revitalize your youthful vigor and bring back the vitality you need to enjoy life!

      To help you get back on track, Watsons started the “Time to Renew” campaign to lead people back to restoring their beauty and recharging their health. The campaign focused on three categories that most of people tend to set aside to accommodate their tight schedules— Restore your Beauty for proper skin care, Revitalize your […]

  • Watsons launches own brand of Generic Medicine

        Filipinos are extremely family-oriented. One family member’s health concern is shared by the rest of the family – whether it is for the maintenance medications of the elderly lolos and lolas, the vitamins and supplements for nanay, ate and kuya, or cough and colds medicines for tatay. Family members seek to help relatives […]