New PNP Chief assures rice subsidy and other benefits

Recent rumors have circulated online suggesting that Police General Rommel Francisco Marbil, the newly appointed chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), plans to redirect rice allowances from PNP personnel to persons deprived of liberty (PDL). These allegations are completely unfounded. Chief Marbil has not proposed any changes to the rice allowances and remains focused on enhancing the operational effectiveness and public perception of the police force.

Chief Marbil’s leadership marks a significant shift in strategy, notably moving away from the aggressive rhetoric associated with the “war on drugs,” which has been criticized for human rights violations. His approach emphasizes efficiency, integrity, and fairness, with reforms aimed at improving both the welfare of PNP personnel and their service to the community. Key reforms include:

  • Streamlining operations to ensure timely office attendance and effective duty performance.
  • Enforcing discipline through a strict no-cellphone policy during patrols and implementing a more meaningful performance evaluation system.
  • Promoting fairness in assignments and promotions, removing favoritism and ensuring all PNP personnel face equal opportunities and responsibilities.

Contrary to the misleading claims added to Chief Marbil’s reform agenda, the PNP assures:

  • The rice subsidy and other financial benefits for PNP personnel remain unaffected and are disbursed directly through their ATM cards.
  • Promotions within the PNP naturally include salary increments, negating the need for separate announcements regarding pay raises.

Chief Marbil is committed to transparency and accountability in his leadership. An investigation is underway to trace the origin of these false claims and hold those responsible accountable. The PNP encourages the public to seek information from reliable sources and stay informed about the genuine efforts being made to improve policing under Chief Marbil’s direction. The goal is clear: a more professional, responsive, and community-focused police service.

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