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  • Now its Selena Gomez turn to cook adobo!

    Whenever you talk about Filipino food with anyone, especially outside the Philippines, chances are the first thing that will come to mind is the legendary adobo. There are so many different variations you can find in around the country, with every household having their own special take on what the best adobo tastes like. Everyone loves adobo, […]

  • Mikey Bustos on navigating the challenges of being an online celebrity

    “I don’t think anyone is prepared for the life that comes with going viral in the internet.”  It’s been 14 years since Mikey Bustos first posted a video on YouTube. It was a video of him performing as a front act for a Pussycat Dolls concert in Manila. And while initially renowned for his career […]

  • 5 things to remember as we begin again

    As we welcome the new year—2021, it might do well for us to look back, to take stock of the positive lessons that we can extract from what was an unprecedented year. For sure, numerous take-aways can be gained as we move forward and anticipate a more “mobile” next normal—especially since vaccine trials by leading […]

  • SHOPEE Picks: 10 Work From Home Essentials to boost productivity

    Still feeling a bit hungover from all the virtual parties and the holidays? Unlike the morning traffic and the daily office rush we’ve all been used to most of our working lives, working from home does have some disadvantages and distractions to say the least–an inviting bed, loud neighbors, kids or even clingy pets. If […]

  • Forbes names Brother one of World’s Best Employers in 2020

    Influential business publication Forbes Magazine names Brother Industries, Ltd. as one of the “World’s Best Employers” in this year’s edition of the prestigious list released last October. With a ranking of 130 among 750 multinationals and corporations from 45 countries, this achievement is the first in Brother’s storied history. The survey, which Forbes did with […]

  • Goodbye Note? The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra now supports the SPen!

    At first I thought I was just seeing things, but after listening to the presentation, the SPen will indeed be made available to the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The S21 Ultra pulls out all the stops for those who want Samsung’s best-of-the-best with its most advanced pro-grade camera system and brightest, most intelligent display. Galaxy S21 […]

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