Recharge, Reboost and Renew your commitment to wellness at Watsons’ Fit Fest

Have you ever wondered why our energy and commitment to fitness wanes as the year progresses? We start of with a new year’s promise and a resolution only to forget and drop it a just couple of months in the year. Now that the festive season just around the corner, finding motivation can be a challenge. That’s why Watsons aims to reignite that passion with the Watsons Fit Fest.

The Watsons Fit Fest, took center stage last October 13 at The Podium, Ortigas. The event is a clarion call to embrace an invigorating, wholesome lifestyle.

Embracing a holistic approach to well-being, Watsons crafts more than just an experience. It’s a journey to Recharge, Reboost, and Renew. Self-care and living well are the topmost priorities for the Watsons Fit Fest and this mindful approach will guide participants to rediscover their paths to holistic wellness.

Watsons Fit Fest is exclusively held for Watsons Club members. Aside from receiving exclusive discounts and deals in Watsons offline and online stores, being a Watsons Club member also grants you a fantastic experience to empower your health, wellness, and beauty aspirations. The Fit Fest symbolizes this ethos, providing a diverse palette of activities crafted meticulously under the themes of Recharge Your Mind, Reboost Your Energy, and Renew Your Outlook.

“Watsons has always been committed to a lifestyle that celebrates self-care, well-being and self-confidence. Brought to you by Watsons Club, the Watsons Fit Fest aims to help everyone discover their wellness goals or recalibrate for those who have been finding new ways to approach their journey. At Watsons, we’ll continue to celebrate health and beauty in all forms, and empower everyone to be the best version of themselves,” shared Jared De Guzman, Customer Director at Watsons.

As attendees delve into the Watsons Fit Fest, they’re invited to unlock their unique Watsons Health & Beauty Formula. Engaging activities await, where participants can not only learn and enjoy but also stand a chance to win exclusive vouchers and amass Watsons Club points.

Watsons PH Customer Director Jared De Guzman (middle) together with Watsons Executives and Officers

Emphasizing beauty’s synergy both internally and externally, the event has been meticulously designed to enhance holistic well-being. Attendees can jumpstart their experience with an invigorating dance cardio routine spearheaded by the dynamic 808 Studio PH. Following this high-octane start, they can find solace in a serene yoga session and indulge in soulful breathing exercises with Certified Calm.

For those thirsting for variety, an array of simultaneous physical engagements are on offer, such as the adrenaline-pumping Spin Bike sessions with Cyclehouse, the rhythmic Rope Flow, and the challenging Circuit Training orchestrated by the experts at Kinetix Club. After this exhilarating ride, participants can wind down and pamper themselves with a Skincare Refresher session, exclusively crafted by Watsons.

But the perks don’t stop there. Guests can revel in exclusive promotions, delightful freebies, and more, provided by Watsons and their esteemed studio partners. From complimentary Watsons swag bags to accumulating even more Watsons Club points, the benefits are aplenty. Moreover, there’s an exciting opportunity to win studio-partner vouchers from top-tier names like Kinetix Club, Rope Flow, 808 Studio PH, and Cyclehouse.

Making this event even grander is the support and participation of illustrious brands, including Y.O.U, Garnier, Myra, Fortima, Nutrabliss by Watsons, Acne Aid, Difflam, Cleene Clio, Cherifer, Enervon, Conzace, Solmux, Poten-Cee Collagen, Vantelin, Aveeno, Listerine, Herbal Essences, and Vitress.

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