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  • Google Doodle celebrates the 161st birthday of the Father of Filipino Drama Severino Reyes

    Today’s Doodle celebrates the 161st birthday of Filipino author and playwright Severino Reyes. Widely regarded as the “Father of Filipino Drama,” Reyes is not only internationally renowned for his famous zarzuelas, Spanish-influenced works of dramatic musical theater, but also for his now classic collection of Tagalog stories.   Severino Reyes was born on this day in 1861 […]


    Not Just a Window or Door Frame – But Moving Art. Framing the Beauty of Living. A dream home is not just made of its interiors and exteriors. What also makes it your dream home are the views outdoors that you can unite seamlessly with the inside. TOSTEM, global leader in housing technology, unveils ATIS, […]

  • The Culture of Art & Nightlife Find New Home At SM Aura Premier

    As life slowly goes back to “normal”, shades of the pre-pandemic life are inching into view. This presents a glimpse of hope that we all welcome. A couple such visages of the “old life” are art shows and a thriving Manila nightlife. SM Aura Premier, a popular high-end mall in BGC, is bringing the two back […]

  • Whatever your design needs, Kaya sa Canva

    Whether you’re a student, a teacher, a small business owner, a job-seeker, a home buddy, a content creator, or simply someone who wants to express creatively, there’s a template for you in Canva. Canva launches ‘Kaya sa Canva’ campaign to highlight its vast selection of free ready-to-use templates that can cater to a wide range of projects and […]

  • First YORI Fan Art Contest “draws” over 500 entries nationwide

    Over a year since YORI was introduced to the market, the brand has been a part of every starter’s home. They have been committed to building furniture that is smart, easy, yet rewarding to own. From product design down to customer service, the dedicated team behind YORI designed the whole brand experience for the customers. […]

  • New design campaign PAALALABAS reimagines COVID-19 safety reminders

    Design industry leaders including the Design Advisory Council and the Design Center of the Philippines, led by the Communication Design Association of the Philippines (CDAP) are working together to bring forth PAALALABAS, a comprehensive campaign targeted to encourage Filipinos to practice more vigilant health and safety practices amid rising COVID-19 concerns. PAALALABAS, a combination of […]

  • WWF-Philippines Celebrates 60th Anniversary with “Bid for Nature” Online Auction

    The World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines (WWF-Philippines) is celebrating the WWF network’s 60 years of action for nature and people by bringing together local artists, arts and fashion enthusiasts, and environmental advocates in an online auction for the environment. Founded in 1961, WWF’s mission of building a future in which humans and nature thrive […]

  • Home (decor) for the Holidays, masterpieces from Casa de Memoria ‘Cuarto’

    Much like the noche buena, simbang gabi, puto bumbong and bibingka, Christmas in the Philippines will never be complete without gift-giving Whether you’re a kid waiting to open their gifts under the Chirstmas tree, or an adult still perplexed as to who their secret santa could be–its the gifts–both receiving and giving– that truly make […]


    2020 was a year of uncertainty and consecutive challenges. We spent most of our days in isolation that we’ve almost lost track of time. As we try to regain some balance and slowly recover from how the lockdown has affected our lives, we turn to building good habits that can help us cope and emerge […]

  • Finding the right art pieces for your home

    Have you ever wondered why those big beautiful houses all have wonderful works of art? More than just a conversation piece, Art is a feast for the eyes and touches the emotions of everyone who comes across it. Some people, however, may find it challenging to style their homes with art pieces because of the […]

  • Casa de Memoria’s Tercero auction present unique art pieces to complement living spaces

    Casa de Memoria is all set to usher in Tercero, its third major auction for the year featuring unique pieces that can complement the design and look of every living space. To be held on September 26, 2020 (Saturday) at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Tercero will feature more than 200 curated Euro-Filipino art pieces that can lend a timeless touch to your home. Must-see […]

  • Casa de Memoria launches new online auction platform for budding collectors

    Following the success of its Primero and Segundo anniversary and inaugural online auctions, Casa de Memoria, the Lhuillier-managed auction house now introduces The Casa Online. Powered by Invaluable, The Casa Online is a series of auction events that aim to provide  budding art enthusiasts and younger collectors with an accessible platform featuring smaller art pieces and interesting bric-a-brac that are within the reach of this growing audience.   With this, The Casa Online […]

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