“Touching” stories– get to know the tales behind the hard working team of MassageMNL

The pandemic took a toll on almost every industry, but its the personal care businesses such as the spas, salons and massage services that have been affected the most because of the lockdowns and safety restrictions.

Still despite the challenges, Filipinos continued to be resilient, finding strength within their communities and helping each other recover and adapt to the new normal.

MassageMNL acknowledges all the hard work of their employees and understand that the business’ success also relies on the hands of each of their team member.

As MassageMNL celebrates its 3rd year this 2021, they have launched an online video series to show the inspiring stories of their team members who had helped the business to become what is is today. 

The series starts with the story of their massage therapist Faye who has been with them since the beginning. “Ang dami nyang nabago sakin eh. Kasi hindi talaga ako tumatagal sa trabaho ng ganun katagal… Pero dito kasi, si Mam Ja kasi talaga iba humawak ng tao kasi. Tska ang dami nya ding natutulong sakin. Bini-build nya ko unti-unti kaya tumagal talaga ako dito”, Faye shared.

“Tinulungan pa din kame ni mam kahit pandemic”, she shared what happened during the pandemic. Faye shared that the company continued their support even when the pandemic struck. She shared that the riders were even given a job to continue earning from their families and the therapists were given grocery packs as well.

As MassageMNL celebrates its 3rd year, they are sharing their stories to inspire others and thank each of their team members. 

“During the pandemic we made sure that each of them makes a living. Our success is theirs too and we want to continue that despite the circumstances. Through the video series, we will be able to hear their heartwarming stories”, Owner of MassageMNL Janine Khazaie said.

“It is bittersweet when we look back and realize how far we’ve come”, she said.

“Nakapag pundar ako ng sarili kong motor, nakabili ako ng mga gamit sa bahay”, Rider Carly shared.

Aside from the video series, MassageMNL is also offering free lifestyle classes online. They continue the learning journey with free online fitness, cooking, and lifestyle classes on the MassagePH community on Facebook. 

They are also partnering with Ayumi, BLK Cosmetics, Belo, One Life, NurseryVan, Cycles, Cradles, Pink Lemon Wear and Macao Imperial Tea for a grand giveaway. “This is one way for us to give back to our loyal customers”, Janine shared. 

There is no stopping MassageMNL and as it turns three. October will be full of surprises and it will continue to serve high-quality products and services that will surely help you relax at home. 

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