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  • Google commemorates Maria Ylagan Orosa, inventor of the Banana Ketchup

    Today’s Doodle illustrates the life work of iconic Filipino food scientist and humanitarian November 29, 2019 Google today celebrates the 126th birthday of Maria Ylagan Orosa, a Filipino food scientist, veteran war hero, and humanitarian whose original works and inventions–which include the development of the iconic local condiment banana ketchup–have helped improve the quality of life […]

  • The Center for Possibilities: From disabled to enabled

    The Philippines has one of the highest rates of prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the Asia.  Based on a 2009 study done by the WHO, the website Autism Partnership indicated that the Philippines had an estimated 500,000 cases of ASD at a time when our population was 91 million.  In the same year, 1.1 million […]

  • Where do Broken Hearts go? To the Anti-Valentine’s Party

    Its February and Love is in the air once again…or Not. Its not always #LoveWins, and there will always be those who are hurting, heartbroken or stuck in limbo-like EDSA and couldn’t move on. For them,  Feb 14 will just be another ordinary day with HolyWeek vibes. But not anymore! Remember that scene from the […]

  • The 2nd Boy Abunda Roundtable Conversations (BARC)

    The 2nd Boy Abunda Roundtable Conversations (BARC) was held some weeks ago at Nanka Restaurant in Quezon City with the timely topic, LGBTQIA: Sino Ba Tayo? This coincided with the celebration of Pride Month held every June each year. A personal initiative of Boy Abunda, BARC is a roundtable discussion among resource speakers and invited […]