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  • A Salute to the frontliners and the Filipino Spirit: Thousands join Ginebra’s first Online Ginumanfest concert

    Since 2011, Ginebra San Miguel’s Ginumanfest has gathered thousands of Filipinos in different regions for an epic night of OPM music, food and the worlds largest selling-gin. Because of the global pandemic, however, it was impossible for Ginumanfest to go around the country for its live concert series. But that didn’t stop Ginebra San Miguel […]

  • Ginebra San Miguel Celebrates World Gin Day as One Gin Nation

    For Filipinos, drinks are meant to be shared and enjoyed with friends. This same feeling of camaraderie, friendship, togetherness and unity is what Ginebra San Miguel aims to cultivate further as it celebrates World Gin Day as One Gin Nation. Our love for gin is something that we share in common with the world and […]