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  • Invest in a smart home with these IOT Products from Cherry

    Imagine being able to control your entire home with the internet and your handy smartphone. Yep, that sure does sound convincing and once you’ve tried living a more secure, comfortable, and convenient lifestyle, there’s just no turning back.. Good news, you can have access to a posh abode that equally gives you peace of mind […]


    Cherry Home had come a long way, so did your traditional weighing scale. Committed to actively expand its broad portfolio, the brand now proudly introduces the Cherry Home Smart Weight Scale retailing at P1,499. How is this exactly going to help you throughout your fitness journey? The latest addition to the brand’s IoT products, the […]

  • CHERRY HOME announces Portable Cutlery Set, Electric Toothbrush, and Flask

    There’s never enough room for new products as CHERRY’s expansive portfolio consistently evolves. The brand continues to venture on everyday essentials and now intros three hard-to-miss products for your year-end must-haves: the Cherry Portable Cutlery Set, Cherry Flask, and Cherry Sonic Electric Toothbrush. Cherry Home Portable Cutlery Set Bring upgraded dining experience wherever you go […]

  • 6 devices to easily make your Condo a ‘Smart Home’

    With all the innovations we enjoy on our smartphones, its no surprise that we also want to have that experiece in our homes. Smart home technology is becoming more and more popular and advanced every year that even condo unit owners are wanting to make their lives easier by automating and integrating smart devices into their condo units.  […]