6 devices to easily make your Condo a ‘Smart Home’

With all the innovations we enjoy on our smartphones, its no surprise that we also want to have that experiece in our homes. Smart home technology is becoming more and more popular and advanced every year that even condo unit owners are wanting to make their lives easier by automating and integrating smart devices into their condo units. 

Increasing the IQ of your condo unit can help you save a lot of time, stress, and money.

Whether it’s an energy-saving and cutting-edge light bulb that lets you control the lighting in your condo with just a smartphone, an AI-powered thermostat that manages the temperature or a smart security system that steps up the security in your condo unit, investing in condo-friendly smart devices will give you the convenience that you deserve this new year!

Enjoy a smart way of living in your condo by downloading the Cherry Home App

There are a lot of brands in the market that offer different smart home devices across all categories. Vista Residences, the condominium arm of the country’s largest homebuilder, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc. and AllHome, a one-stop shop for all home needs have recently collaborated with Cherry Mobile’s IoT product line Cherry Home to make it easier for its residents to automate their condo units through the use of smart devices available in AllHome. 

We have enlisted some of our favorite and condo-friendly smart home products from Cherry Home to help you keep up with the trend of transforming your Vista Residences condo unit into a smart home, perfect for modern-day condo living. 

  1. Cherry Home Smart Security Sensor
Step up the security in your own place by using Cherry Home Smart Security Sensor

The safety and security of your condo unit should be your number one priority. Investing in a plug and play security device is a great way to keep an eye on your condo unit whenever and wherever you are. Why not start stepping up the security in your own place by using Cherry Home Smart Security Sensor?

Cherry Home Smart Security Sensor is a smart device that enables you to get security notification and logs every time the sensor detects that your condo unit door or window is opened. This compact smart device is Wi-Fi controlled and can also be used for dresser, cabinets, and more. 

  • Cherry Home IR Transceiver 

Do you love the idea of having a smart companion in your condo unit? Cherry Home IR Transceiver is all you need!  It is a Wi-Fi-based IR blaster that can remotely control any IR-based home appliance like the TV, air conditioner, and other appliances.

Smart companion in your condo unit is possible with Cherry Home IR Transceiver

It’s easy to install and you can control it anywhere with a single tap with just the use of Wi-Fi or data. Feeling lazy in your condo? You can also use this smart device to command your devices by using Amazon Echo, Google Home, among others.

  • Cherry Home Smart Multi-Color Bulb 

One of the most popular smart home technologies that have been introduced in the market is smart bulbs. It does not only automate your light but also smartly change the type of lighting you want depending on your mood. 

Cherry Home Smart Multi-Color Bulb enables you to enjoy an affordable yet cool mood-lighting for your condo

If you need an affordable yet cool mood-lighting for your condo in Manila, Cherry Home offers Smart Multi-Color Bulb that consists of RGB and different colors as well as a timer that allows you to set the brightness, color, and even schedule for when you want these settings to be applied on this 9-watt LED bulb. 

Adjustments on the settings can simply be done using the Cherry Home App via Wi-Fi or data. Cherry Home Multi-Color Bulb works well with Google Home and Amazon Echo, making them ideal low-cost alternatives to other smart bulbs available in the market. 

  • Cherry Home GX3 Smart Swivel Camera 

One way to monitor your Vista Residences condo unit whenever and wherever is through the use of smart cameras. Cherry Home GX3 Smart Swivel Camera is a plug and play device that can be installed with the use of the Cherry Home App. 

One way to monitor your Vista Residences condo unit whenever and wherever is through Cherry Home GX3 Smart Swivel Camera

It allows remote viewing with a controllable camera view and full HD result video. Moreover, it also enables you to enjoy talking to your loved ones with its 2-way audio feature with just the use of your smartphone camera. 

  • Cherry Home 3-USB & 4-USB Smart Extension Cord 

You can now set your devices to act on their own based on your preferred schedule and action with the use of Cherry Home Smart Extension Cord. 

Set your devices to act on their own based on your preferred schedule and action with the use of Cherry Home Smart Extension Cord

Just place it in your preferred area in the condo, set it up and control it with just one tap with the use of Wi-Fi or data. It has the ability to turn on and off separate sockets depending on the schedule you have set. It also has a timer and is compatible with Google Home and Alexa.

With this smart extension cord, you can have more time to chill in your condo unit without the need to move around or exert extra effort. 

  • Cherry Home Smart Video Doorbell 

Have a decent view of your entryway instead of the typical analog fish-eye peep-hole. Cherry Home Smart Video Doorbell is equipped with a tiny camera that can capture real-time videos with night vision through its 1080p HD camera. 

This smart video doorbell has motion sensor and can be operated with the use of battery, 5v Micro USB or electricity.

Moreover, it has a two-way audio system that allows you to communicate with the person at your door without the need to go out and meet them. A more secure and safer way to stay in your condo any time of the day.

Sharing the same vision, Vista Residences and AllHome collaborated with Cherry Home to bring the convenience of IoT to every condo home, enabling condo residents to automate their lives so they can make the most of their time spent at home. 

Vista Residences has ready for occupancy and pre-selling units in Manila and Quezon City that you can invest in. To know more about Vista Residences condominium projects, visit www.vistaresidences.com.ph. To know more about Cherry Home and other home essentials, check out www.allhome.com.ph.

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