Cook healthier, dress up cleaner with CHERRY’s new devices

For a lot of people, spending all those months at home meant discovering or rediscovering their love for cooking. And one device that has gained a lot of popularity during the past year, it has to be the Air Fryer.

Now you can get the latest and one of the most advanced Air Fryer’s as CHERRY HOME adds its Cherry Digital Air Fryer to its Deerma catalog.

The Cherry Digital Air Fryer features Healthy Fry that allows you to cook with up to 80% less fat. It also has seven cooking presets for fries, shrimp, chicken, meat, and fish and which allows you to bake and even thaw!

It has a large capacity of up to 4.5L, allowing you to prepare huge servings of your favorite meals dishes as well as a digital easy touch panel, digital thermostat temperature, timer, and non-stick coating food basket.

On top of these, it is also energy-saving and safe to use as it highlights overheating protection and rapid frying.

Order the Cherry Digital Air Fryer HERE

In addition to the Cherry Digital Air Fryer, CHERRY further expands its list of IOT products that aim to offer convenience and make every Filipino household smarter with the Cherry Clothes Dryer Ionizer

Now you can hang and dry your clothes the smart way with the Cherry Clothes Dryer Ionizer.

With its fast-drying feature and thanks to its 360˚ heat circulation, the Cherry Clothes Dryer Ionizer also levels up the protection you wish to give your loved ones. It is equipped with as much as 5 million/cm3 negative ions  that will keep your clothes sterile. It is also space-saving as it has portable wheels and conveniently fits under a sofa when folded.

The double large storage and thick steel frame allows you to hang even your jeans and as many clothes as possible. It comes with a remote control that has smart timer and is proven safe with its overheating protection and fireproof material.

These two additions are part of CHERRY’s active expansion and realizing the vision of creating one ecosystem. Cherry Home, one of the five brands under CHERRY’s belt, has a wide array of IOT products and exclusive Deerma collection to make every home smarter and more comfortable. For more information, visit: 

Price and availability

Cherry Digital Air Fryer – PHP 3,990Cherry Clothes Dryer Ionizer – PHP 3,500
For more info, visit Cherry Shop PH at this link.

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