Shopee Picks: These Nestle products will help you keep calm and cool throughout the #ECQ

If it wasn’t for the fear of flooding and our current leaky roof, rainy days used to be my favorite kind of days.

Just imagine the cold weather, the symphony of raindrops on the roof (please no downpour!) that creates some hypnotic melody, and you sitting on your favorite couch with a hot cuppa coffee and a good book in hand. 

Ah, the tito life.

Well, it looks like we’re in for more rainy days ahead, and with the lockdown scheduled by the end of the week, we’re going to be stuck at home AGAIN.

Its not the ideal situation, but you can still make the most out of the next couple of weeks with the right mindset and hopefully a pantry that’s ready for the long days ahead.

Good thing you can still replenish some of your panty essentials via Shopee! 

This week they have some great deals from NESTLE—up to 50% off on your favorite coffee, chocolate drink and even nestle cream so you could keep yourself busy in the kitchen and whip up something delicious for you and your family.

Here are a few recipe’s you might want to try.

For coffee lovers, have you tried creating your own Café Mocha?

A good mocha has that good combination of a sweet milk chocolatey flavor, with that clear coffee taste that still cuts through. It’s good at any time of the day, and for any mood!


Chocolate Sauce
Sugar Syrup
NESTLÉ Fresh Milk
1 Teaspoon 
1 Tablespoon 
1 Cup


Heat 1/2 cup (120ml) of NESTLÉ Fresh Milk in microwave 
Add 1 tsp NESCAFÉ GOLD into cup of warm milk 
Add 20 ml sugar syrup 
Add 20 ml chocolate sauce 

Stir well, enjoy!  

Chocolate Sauce Recipe

Mix a 1:1 ratio of white sugar and cocoa powder. Mix well. 
Add a 1:1.5 ratio of cocoa powder/sugar to water in weight. 
Mix well, keep chilled.

Discover the smoother taste and richer aroma of NESCAFÉ GOLD – expertly crafted with a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans roasted to golden perfection to create a coffee experience for those with exceptional taste. 

NESCAFÉ GOLD is perfect for creating your cafe favorites at home. Visit for other recipes like Dalgona Coffee, Salted Caramel Frappe, and Milk Over Coffee Ice Cubes.

Order your NESCAFE GOLD Instant 200g from Shopee for only P579 and you get a Free Double Wall Glass Mug

For the kids, you might want to treat them with a Milo Dinosaur!  

Add a 2-pack of MILO Powdered Choco Malt Milk Drink 1.2kg to your Shopee cart for only P596

Creamy Milo Dinosaur


1 pc     125ml NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream
½ small can condensed milk (108g)
5 tbsp  MILO powder
2 cups  crushed ice

2 tbsp  chocolate spread
2 tbsp  condensed milk
3 tbsp  MILO powder


  1. Blend NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream, condensed milk, MILO, and crushed ice in a blender.
  2. Spread chocolate spread on the side of serving glasses. Dip rim of a glass in condensed milk and coat with MILO powder.
  3. Pour MILO shake and top with more MILO powder. Serve immediately.

Did you know a mug of MILO as part of the healthy breakfast gives kids nourishing energy they need to take on the day. MILO contains essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium, to make a nutrient-rich drink for active kids. The delicious combination of MALT, COCOA, and MILK provides your children the energy and taste for a great breakfast and an active day. 

MILO, remains the leading nutritious choco malt powdered milk drink in the Philippines since it was introduced in 1964.. Today, MILO remains relevant as a delicious and nourshing drink for kids and adults to stay active through sports, building the champion spirit in them.

Lastly, make sure to add  NESTLÉ All-Purpose Cream 250ml– Pack of 12 to your Shopee cart and get Free 4 Graham! Get it at 16% discount for ₱708. 

NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream is the #1 Cream brand in the Philippines. It has the just-right consistency, delectable taste, and easy whip. It elevates any dish by giving superior creaminess, richness, thickness to every bite. It can be used in desserts, savoury dishes, pastas, soups, stews, dips, beverages, and even in whipping – truly all-purpose!

Here’s an easy Chocnut Ref Cake you could do in 15minutes!


12 pcs  graham crackers, crushed
3 tbsp  butter, melted
1 tbsp  sugar
1 pc     125ml Nestlé All Purpose Cream, chilled
1/3 cup (108g) condensed milk
12 pcs  chocnut, crumbled


  1. Mix graham crackers, butter and sugar. Lightly press at the bottom of a serving container. (5 mins)
  2. Whip Nestle All Purpose Cream with condensed milk and half of the crumbled chocnut. (5mins)
  3. Pour cream mixture in the serving container . Top with remaining chocnut. (2mins) Refrigerate overnight. Serve well chilled. (overnight)

That’s it! Discover more Nestle cream recipes by visiting

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