Shopee Picks: Get up to 55% off top Korean hair care brand Grafen from Shopee Beauty Luxe

“Sir, medyo numinipis na ang buhok natin sa taas ah,” the stylist told me as he was combing my newly-shampooed hair. 

“Oh, really? I said, trying to hide the panic and nervousness in my voice, before switching the conversation to a totally unrelated topic—“Have all of you here been vaccinated?” 

Hair is such an important thing and it’s not only women who obsess about getting their locks perfect. Why else would we spend so much time and effort in front of the mirror? 

We take pride in our hair, but we often also take it for granted. I have always been proud of my thick hair, but it looks like all those years of hair coloring abuse has finally caught up with my beloved mane and now all those warning labels have come back to haunt me. 

Am I destined to be “Top Gunone?” and not the dashing Maverick way.

As soon as I got home I did what any anxious guy would do—consult with Dr. Google.

Thinning hair over forty…I typed.

And the results somehow gave me a little bit of hope., 

An article from Men’s Health said; “Don’t freak out,”  Changes in your hair are completely normal, especially when you get into your 40s. Hair, in many ways, is a reflection of what’s going on inside our bodies, and as we age, it goes through transitions just like everything else. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it.

It adds “As we get older, the hormones in our bodies change and for men in particular, testosterone levels begin to decrease. The fluctuations in testosterone “impacts the way our body functions and are ultimately going to impact the hair,” says trichologist Bridgette Hall. One impact is a decrease in blood flow to the scalp, she says, which could make it more dry and flaky.

(Now I also have to worry about hormones… but that is for another post.) 

The most common issue among men as they reach their 40s is thinning hair. While it’s true that two thirds of men report some hair loss by the time they are 35 years old, this percentage increases with age as well.  So I aint alone afterall.

There’s  also a difference between thinning and going bald. “This natural thinning is because as we get older, the life cycle of our hair slows down and the shedding phase becomes prolonged while the growth phase gets shortened. But just because you notice your hair thinning, does not mean you’re going bald. Thinning and balding are different. There are a variety of reasons why someone might start losing their hair: age, genetics, diet, medication, stress. There’s even been a recent uptick in hair loss linked to COVID-19 related stress. Thinning from stress or diet is not the same as Male Pattern Baldness (which is largely genetic). 

The article ended with several tips on how to better take care of hair including; Switching Your Shampoo; Don’t Skip Hair Conditioner; Take Care of Your Scalp; Use A Regular Hair Treatment; Starting a Hair Loss Prevention Regimen; and by using New Hair Styling Products.

Thanks to the brilliance of algorithms, I soon began seeing all sorts of hair products on my feed. Good thing it led me to Shopee and the official store of Grafen—one of the most popular Korean haircare brands that offer innovative solutions to every hair concern– from hair loss to oily scalp and dandruff, frizz, or damaged locks. 

Grafen’s philosophy is Pursuing originality and differentiating design when exploring new trends and products. If the KPop boys are using this….better add them to cart! 

Grafen is part of Shopee Beauty Luxe Exclusive—and these must-try Korean haircare products from Grafen, are up to 55% off!

GRAFEN Root Booster Shampoo 500ml 

Recognized as the #1  HAIR LOSS SHAMPOO in Korea the GRAFEN Root Booster Shampoo 500ml is available on the official Shopee store. 

This pure shampoo made of natural-ordinates materials for thick and rich hair and can Prevent of hair loss; Remove residue on the scalp;  Enhance hair and Supply nutrients to scalp and hair

Through Constant research Grafen has upgraded the product reflecting customer and is certified product helpful for relieving hair loss passing the  Acidulous conformity test.

It contains * 22 kinds of amino acids. * 2 kinds of oil considering hair, * 2 kinds of vegetable extract considering scalp.* 6 natural sources of surfactants.

These Supply nutrients to the scalp Relieve dandruff and Since its pure water-based shampoo which is not sticky because it does not contain Thant gum.

The best news is that it’s at 53% off and you can get it for as low as ₱1,400 to  ₱2,800 depending on which option you choose.

Click here to add the  GRAFEN Root Booster Shampoo 500ml to your cart now!

Another interesting product is the GRAFEN Edge Finger Shampoo Brush

Remember how good a salon shampoo feels? Well this is a waterproof scalp-massaging brush might just be the home equivalent and help you maintain a healthy and clean scalp.

Why do you need a scalp brush? Scalp brushes makes more bubbles when shampooing; makes the scalp cool as it cleans the grease and waste on scalp making you feel fresh. It can also help make your hair volume increase by washing off from ends of the hair to scalp cleanly

Comes designed for people with hair loss symptoms, dandruff, itchy scalps, and weak thinning hair Massages the scalp to promote blood circulation Helps remove accumulated dead cells and toxins – Made of medical-grade silicone, which is safe to use without causing skin irritation.

The #GRAFEN  edge finger is made of medical silicone which is non-harmful for human body. It is a 100% waterproofed brush that be used hygienically, the ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and use in one hand. It can make bubbles even if is used with a shampoo that does not contain surfactant. It is available in two color options—RED and White. 

The GRAFEN Edge Finger  Shampoo Brush has been sold almost 6k times and is now available at 55% off and could even pair it with one of the GRAFEN shampoos.

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