Sekaya: Transforming your life with Food

Did you know that what’s at the end of your fork can change your life?

I honestly don’t look at the mirror much.

Unless I’m fixing my hair, I try to avoid looking at it for more than a few seconds. Because I don’t like –and have never liked what I see.

Staring back at me is a lifetime of poor healthy choices, that just remind me of failed attempts at regular exercise and unhealthy eating.

I don’t eat vegetables and rarely fruits, my partner begs me to take my vitamins and the longest regular exercise I did was two weeks during the quarantine.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t get excited everytime I learn about new products that could help me live healthier, and this week I joined the webinar for Sekaya.

Sekaya Prescribing Nature Series: Transforming your Life with Food is an engaging panel discussion that presents both medical expertise and real-life experiences.  It brings together medical expertise and personal experiences to tell the story of the power of food.

Over the past years, a big health turning point has led many people to go back to basics – pivoting to more whole foods, vegetables and fruits, and plant-based food supplements – as the awareness of what you eat can impact your overall health and wellness continues to grow.

The food-as-medicine movement has been around for decades, but it’s making inroads as physicians and medical institutions make food a formal part of treatment, rather than relying solely on medication.

Sekaya is bringing that conversation to the fore, particularly as we face ongoing health challenges. As the flagship brand of Synnovate Pharma Corporation, the natural products company of Unilab, Sekaya is intent on Prescribing Nature through plant-based functional products that take advantage of all the benefits that nature provides, while backing these up with strong scientific research and pharma-grade processing.

We all fundamentally know that natural is better and healthier for us, but having medical experts in the field confirming this premise provides stronger proof and assurance. Dr. John La Puma, internationally renowned internal medicine specialist, chef, and co-founder of ChefMD and Plant With a Doc, and Dr. Oyie Balburias, FPCP, IFMCP, and functional medicine pioneer in the Philippines discuss how the right food – as meals or medicine – can have huge implications on improving our personal, physical, medical, and mental health.

According to Dr. La Puma, “Just like the ‘food-as-medicine’ movement decades ago, nature-based medicine is beginning to emerge as a scientifically-proven school of thought and a critical medical intervention that has both immediate and long-term health benefits.”

Sekaya Barley Green

“Being healthy means putting the right fuel in your body. Whole foods act as medicine that protect and heal, and give your immune system a break from toxins and additives found in processed food,” says Dr. Balburias. “Every meal you eat influences the way you feel, in one way or another, so the more nutritious food you choose, the closer you are to getting to optimum health.”

Real stories of busy urban and active professionals such as multi-hyphenate ONELIFE Pilates and Physical Therapy Studio founder Tanya Aguila, NatGeo Explorer, Cordillera Conservation Trust co-founder, and athlete JP Alipio, Group Publisher of,, and Scout and conscious cook Bea Ledesma, and Functional and Integrative Medicine Practitioner Rico Jose Manuel B. David, M.D., more popularly known as Dok Bok, bring relatable experiences to the discussion, and give us concrete examples of the benefits gained and the ways we can incorporate more natural and plant-based eats into daily life.

Sekaya Daily Greens

Sekaya Prescribing Nature Series: Transforming your Life with Food also introduces Sekaya Raw Actives. This curated line of nutrient-dense superfoods provides a high quality, science-backed source to supplement what we eat and boost our nutrition to help us stay healthy and active, in a way that’s simple and easy enough to incorporate in our daily lives. 

Sekaya Vegan Protien

The lineup of powdered superfoods includes Daily Greens, made from organic spinach and kale that provides micronutrients and phytonutrients needed for energy metabolism and vascular health, and Barley Green, made from 100% organic barley grass which can serve as a natural detoxifier. Then there are energy optimizers Maca Factor that aids in increasing the body’s ability to adapt better to stress and have more energy, and Powerbeet to boost nitric oxide production for more energy and better endurance.

Sekaya Maca Factor

Those looking to increase their protein intake can benefit from the Sekaya Raw Actives’ plant proteins Vegan Protein that provides 18g of protein per serving and micronutrients such as potassium, iron and calcium, and Pea Protein that offers higher protein content with 23g of clean plant-based protein per serving. 

Sekaya Power Beets

“Sekaya is very proud to bring another line of best-in-class plant-based products to Filipino consumers. The brand works hard to provide high-quality solutions brought on by converging the exacting measures of science and the healing benefits of nature,” says Abi Nepomuceno, Director and Business Unit Head of Synnovate Pharma Corporation “No matter what your story or motivation is, and what level you’re at, Sekaya Raw Actives can provide you with the micro and macronutrients you need to help supplement what you eat to stay active and improve your overall health, in a way that’s easy and quick to integrate into your own day-to-day.”

Sekaya Pea Protein

Sekaya Raw Actives is available in Real Food and online in Lazada, Zalora and Shopee under the S Sentials Store. You may also order through the Synnovate Flagship Store in Lazada, or by messaging via Facebook or Instagram, and SMS or Viber at 0917-5SEKAYA (735292).

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