NVIDIA GeForce RTX and Studio RTX Laptops and PCs Back to School Promos

Step into a world where your studies, gaming, and creative projects reach new heights with NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ and Studio RTX laptops and PCs. These cutting-edge devices, equipped with AI-enabled tools and exclusive NVIDIA Studio platform access, offer unparalleled performance and optimization, thanks to Max-Q Technologies. Perfect for both school and leisure, they redefine what’s possible.

Discover the Ultimate AI-Powered Laptop for School and Play

Accelerate Your Studies Transform your educational journey with lightning-fast performance in top applications for engineering, architecture, computer science, data science, economics, and more. Enjoy smoother 3D design and modeling, faster AI training, and precise machine learning models, making your academic tasks more efficient and effective.

Powerful, Portable, and Quiet GeForce RTX laptops, powered by NVIDIA Max-Q technologies, deliver sleek, powerful designs with extended battery life and whisper-quiet operation. Whether you’re in class, the library, or on the move, these laptops provide the perfect balance of performance and portability.

NVIDIA Powers the World’s AI. And Yours. GeForce RTX 40 Series laptops bring AI to the forefront, supporting over 500 AI-accelerated apps and games. Upgrade to RTX for the ultimate AI platform and enhance your productivity and creativity with powerful AI tools tailored for students.

Get Your Game On Experience the latest games like never before with the world’s fastest laptops. NVIDIA’s ray tracing technology delivers realistic and immersive graphics, while AI-powered DLSS 3 boosts performance. Gain a competitive edge with the lowest system latency, thanks to NVIDIA Reflex technology.

Ignite Your Creativity Tackle every project and deadline with ease using NVIDIA Studio laptops. Harness the power of AI to apply advanced effects effortlessly and enjoy the exclusive tools offered by the Studio suite. Benefit from maximum stability and lightning-fast performance with NVIDIA Studio Drivers, perfect for all your creative endeavors.

Enhance Your Video Calls and Streams Elevate your live streams, voice chats, and video conferences with the NVIDIA Broadcast app. Utilize AI-enhanced features like noise removal and virtual backgrounds to ensure your communications are clear and professional.

Your Personalized Private Chatbot Organize your academic life with the ChatRTX demo app. Search class notes, manage your schedule, and locate images quickly with simple text or voice prompts—all processed locally on your RTX-accelerated PC. (Requires RTX 4060 Laptop GPU or higher.)

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX Laptops and PCs Back to School promotion runs from June 18 to July 30, 2024. Find incredible deals both in-store and online at Silicon Valley and PC Express branches nationwide. Don’t miss out on the chance to upgrade your tech and enhance your learning, gaming, and creative experiences.

Buy GeForce RTX Laptops and PCs promotion from June 18 to July 30, 2024.

LENOVO LOQ 15IRH8 (82XV00C8PH) I5 RTX4050 GREYRTX405048,495Canon Pixma MG2570SPC EXPRESShttps://pcx.com.ph/products/lenovo-loq-15irh8-82xv00c8ph-geforce-rtx-4050-intel-core-i5-laptop-storm-grey
LENOVO LEGION SLIM 5 (82Y50043PH) R9 RTX4060RTX4060110,995D24-40PC EXPRESShttps://pcx.com.ph/products/lenovo-legion-slim-5-82y50043ph-geforce-rtx-4060-amd-ryzen-9-laptop-storm-grey
MSI GAMING Bravo 15 C7VE-274PHRTX405048,9953,000 SM Voucher .MSI Mouse M88 , MSI Mousepad, MSI Essential BackpackPC EXPRESShttps://pcx.com.ph/products/msi-bravo-15-c7ve-274ph-geforce-rtx-4050-amd-ryzen-5-laptop-black
LT-ASUS FA507NU-LP066W TUF GAMING A15 R7 RTX4050RTX405071,995ASUS TUF BACKPACKPC EXPRESShttps://pcx.com.ph/products/asus-fa507nu-lp066w-tuf-gaming-a15-geforce-rtx-4050-amd-ryzen-7-laptop-mecha-gray
LT-GIGABYTE AORUS G5 MF (F2PH333SH) I5-12450H 4050RTX405050,995Gigabyte Travel BackpackPC EXPRESShttps://pcx.com.ph/products/gigabyte-aorus-g5-mf-f2ph333sh-geforce-rtx-4050-intel-core-i5-laptop-black
LT-GIGABYTE AORUS G5 KF5 (53PH383SH) I5 RTX4060RTX406061,995Gigabyte Travel BackpackPC EXPRESShttps://pcx.com.ph/products/gigabyte-aorus-g5-kf5-53ph383sh-geforce-rtx-4060-intel-core-i5-laptop-black
LT-ACER PREDATOR HELIOS NEO PHN16-71-55V5 I5 4060RTX406075,999Predator Gaming Chair, Predator Backpack, Microsoft Office 2021 Home and StudentPC EXPRESShttps://pcx.com.ph/products/acer-predator-helios-neo-phn16-71-55v5-geforce-rtx-4060-intel-core-i5-laptop-obsidian-black
LENOVO LOQ 15IRX9RTX405059,995Canon Pixma MG2570SSILICONVALLEYhttps://www.siliconvalley.com.ph/product/lenovo-loq-gaming-15irx9-83dv0014ph-luna-gray/
LENOVO LEGION SLIM 5 14APHBRTX4060119,995D24-40SILICONVALLEYhttps://www.siliconvalley.com.ph/product/legion-slim5-14-82y50043ph-amd-storm-gray/
MSI GAMING Cyborg15 A12VF-811PHRTX406066,9955,000 SM Voucher .MSI Mouse M88 , MSI Mousepad, MSI Essential BackpackSILICON VALLEYhttps://www.siliconvalley.com.ph/product/msi-cyborg-15-a12vf-811ph-translucent-black/
Asus TUF GAMING A15 FA507NV-LP140WRTX406079,995ASUS TUF BACKPACKSILICON VALLEYhttps://www.siliconvalley.com.ph/product/asus-tuf-gaming-a15-fa507nv-lp140w/
Asus TUF GAMING A15 FA507UI-LP114WRTX4070104,995ASUS TUF BACKPACKSILICON VALLEYhttps://www.siliconvalley.com.ph/product/asus-tuf-gaming-a15-fa507ui-lp114w/
ACER PREDATOR HELIOS NEO PHN16-72-52GV ABYSSAL BLACKRTX406094,999Predator Gaming Chair,Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student & BagSILICON VALLEYhttps://www.siliconvalley.com.ph/product/acer-predator-helios-neo-16-phn16-72-52gv-abyssal-black/

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