FengShui Queen Marites Allen launches her new books for 2018 the Year of the Earth Dog

 Thomas Jefferson once said “I’m a great believer in luck. I’ve found that the harder I work, the more I have of it.”

But have you noticed those street vendors, those who work in construction, and a lot of those blue collar workers who work long hours night and day, sometimes even squeezing an extra job or two and are still having trouble making ends meet? I’m pretty sure those long hours haven’t given them any additional luck.

I found myself in a similar situation several years ago. It seemed no matter where I worked or what I did, I always found myself always overworked,  underpaid and often out of luck.

It was only after I returned to Manila Times as a lifestyle/entertainment reporter did I feel that my luck  started to change–and I’d like to think it began when I first met Marites Allen.

Now, being part Chinese,  I’ve always believed in Fengshui, but except for wearing the lucky colors and a few  New Year traditions we’ve learned from our Angkong (grandfather), we never practiced it beyond those food offerings or getting some charms.

I was assigned to do a cover story for Chinese New Year and it was my good friend, the late Jeffery Valisno, who introduced me to the Queen of Fengshui. He was the one who had a scheduled interview, but unlike other reporters who always wanted 1 on 1 interviews, Jeff was gracious enough to share his time with me.

Meeting Ms. Allen for the first time was really exciting for me as I always watched her on TV and listened to her yearly forecasts.  But I never thought that interview would be the start of our friendship, and that of all the charms and accessories she’s created, it would be our friendship that would become my Lucky Charm.

Last month, Ms Marites sent me a message to share the good news that she’s just finished her 2018 books and that she would be signing with ABS-CBN publishing, and would be inviting me to the book launch. It was the first time that she held a separate book launch, as I remember getting her books during the convention itself.

So together with a few blogger friends we got first dibs on Ms. Marites Feng Shui Forecast for the 2018– Year of the Earth Dog.

“Feng shui is simply about achieving balance in our daily lives. It is about balancing the energies and the natural elements that surround us. Once we are able to do this, we are well on our way to material well-being and happiness. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t want money and happiness in life,” she said. “It is both a gift and advocacy. I have personally experienced the positive effects of feng shui in my life and I want to share it with as many people as I can, so they too can have the peace and prosperity that is there to enjoy,”  she told us over lunch at the Marco Polo Hotel.

According to Ms. Marites, 2018 will be  a most stable and exciting year with the configuration of the number 9 from the last two figures.

“2018 is exciting as it is the auspicious configuration of the number 9. Nine is the most supreme and most powerful number, and the only number in multiplication that results in itself again [when adding the digits of products]. We have 9 x 2 = 18 and 1 + 8 = 9; 9 x 4 = 36 and 3 + 6 = 9 and so on and so forth,” she explained.

The Year of Earth Dog commences on February 16, 2018. The Dog is the eleventh animal in the Chinese zodiac, and as the dominant element of the Dog is Earth, it indicates stability through the entire year, which should allow those who have the Earth element in their chart to organize their personal and professional lives more confidently and efficiently.

According to Ms Marites, it is important to know how each animal sign corresponds to the eight directions on the compass.

East – Rabbit, West – Rooster, North – Rat, South – Horse, Southwest – Sheep and Monkey, Northeast – Tiger and Ox, Northwest – Dog and Boar, and Southeast – Dragon and Snake.


Here are Ms. Marites’ readings for each animal:

Rat. Long-term benefits expected but need to be wary of the misfortune star.  Good career. The Rat’s good luck from  2017 continues to the first part of 2018. Being visited by the Misfortune Star throughout the year, it is important to do acts of charity (to fend off bad luck) before the start of the Chinese New Year. Be watchful of health and be careful whom to trust as well. Have a very positive outlook in life. Don’t make decisions by following other people’s intentions.

Ox. Pleasant news related to promotion or further career development. Its going to be a year of arguments for the Ox so its best to take it easy. Try to have a lot of patience. Also need to be careful with what words to say as it may cause trouble.

Tiger. A reasonably good year, but must control temper and avoid confrontations.  Advised to be cautious on words coming out of mouth. As Tigers become busy and argumentative, they could lose touch with their family, so it is advised that they take comfort with their family. It should be family first for the Tiger.

Rabbit.  Monetary gains from last year may be extended to this year. Wealth luck in 2017 may spill over a little bit more into 2018. Be careful with excessive scuba diving or going to park places. Bruises and accidents are bound to happen. Careful with things to carry. Don’t lend money as you may not get paid back.

Dragon. Take it easy and make sure to implement a calculated risk for anything that you do in 2018. Although it may have the Wealth Luck for the year, it is also the enemy of the Dog. Be careful because it’s the conflict year. Take it easy and be cautious of the surroundings.

Snake. There will be more chances for your upward achievements. Has Wealth Star for the whole year. Opportunities to make money, expand network or business, or gain more wealth and opportunities is very high. Make good use of this year as it’s the best time to have a breakthrough.

Horse. You may have to redouble your efforts to achieve whatever goals you wanted. A very rewarding year especially in the love department. Visited by Romance and Travel Stars. Might find love in faraway places, so take a chance and go travel.

Sheep. Blessed with the windfall luck, something unexpected, maybe commission that has been long overdue will come now or may sell something and gain money from it. You may have to redouble your efforts to achieve whatever goals you wanted.

Monkey. Blessed with something unexpected. Many positive events to look? forward to.Some financial gains are in store so make it happen by taking chances in betting into lottery or sweepstakes. High chance to win, even simple raffle draws are going to be good.

Boar. A great start for a new year; however, betrayal may be in the horizon.  Very lucky in terms of wealth. Start of a new cycle. Victory luck is in store. If looking forward to shift in career or going back to school or start a new course or do something new, like writing, this is the perfect year.

Dog. New beginnings are in the horizon and income growing in 2018 is very possible. Wealth cycle. Expect new beginnings. Something victorious is in store. You can ask for salary increase or move to a new place or begin something you had been inkling to do.

Each book provides monthly readings for one’s career, business, health, and relationships. There are also feng shui suggestions for the home, auspicious fashion and accessories, guide to the lucky and unlucky house orientations for each month, and many more useful tips.
The books are now available at all Frigga shops and ordering online at wealthluck.com and lazada.comph. Please call 0920-9509390 for details.

Watch Ms. Allen’s Facebook Live Broadcast of her book launch below as she shares some really interesting insights and FREE tips on how to read the Almanac!

So if you want to start the year with lots of luck–make sure you get your tickets to her FengShui Convention on January 6, 2017!


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