Make Your Virtual Parties More Fun and Exciting with Huawei MatePad and Huawei Sound X

Admit it, this contactless living makes you feel nostalgic for your pre-pandemic moments with your favorite people. Can you still remember those outdoor celebrations, weekend house parties, movie nights, or even date nights? Before you shed a tear, know that we are here to give you some solutions on how you can add colors to your life. But lets’s cut to the chase. We highly recommend that you host a virtual party! 

And here’s how you can make it fun, exciting, successful, and unforgettable!

Check on your friends and video call them!

You can tell them about your plan to host a virtual party later on. But of course, you need to check in with your friends or loved ones first to see how they are doing. This social distancing, although extremely necessary, can be challenging. And like you, they are also deep craving for normalcy.

When reaching out, use apps with safe encryption like Viber. It is a FREE, simple, fast, and most secure messaging and call app that you can find on HUAWEI AppGallery. All you need is a data plan or Wi-Fi connection and you are good to go. Video call them using Viber! You will not have to worry about the quality of your call if you are using a HUAWEI Matepad. HUAWEI MatePad’s advanced 4-microphone system picks up your voice with a noise reduction feature that ensures smooth exchanges. With FollowCam enabled, you can always be in the center of the frame during video calls, and Smart View and Spotlight Mode provide more engaging and efficient group communications.

Invite them for a cozy or fun virtual movie night!

We know you miss movie nights but please, don’t plan on inviting them to your house yet because safety should be everyone’s priority. Ask them to have a virtual movie party with you instead! I know you are curious about how you are going to do this but we got you.

Download Zoom app on your HUAWEI MatePad via Web Search on HUAWEI Petal Search Widget. This widget can be downloaded on AppGallery and it offers more convenient way of finding apps that you will love. 

Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise communications with an easy, reliable, cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and more. To maximize Zoom’s in-app features, you should sign up for a free account and invite your friends to create their own. When you are all in the same room on Zoom, you can share your screen using the “Share Screen” feature and flash your favorite movie. 

You can also suggest to them other apps that will allow them to have fun time alone. These are iFlixViu, and iWant. All of these apps can be downloaded to the third biggest app platform – HUAWEI AppGallery –

Finally, host a fun virtual party on a Friday night!

Schedule a virtual party night on a Friday night! Because what better than Friday to have some fun. Encourage them to order drinks and other food take-outs on the day because these will help establish the mood. Using your HUAWEI Matepad, create a Zoom link and invite them to join your room. Make sure you are playing a cool playlist that everyone will appreciate as they enter Zoom. If you are rushing, don’t worry because you can find and play a “Party” playlist on Spotify. You can download this on HUAWEI Petal Search Widget –

Prepare those virtual games that will keep the night alive! And get your HUAWEI Sound X – Huawei’s newest HIFI speaker ! It is co-engineered with Devialet that builds a rich environment of sound for you to experience. The speaker is fitted with six powerful tweeters which utilize our HUAWEI Sound algorithm to produce stunning surround sound, creating a tremendous sense of space. This device will make you feel like you are in an outdoor party with friends for real!

HUAWEI MatePad (PHP 20990) and HUAWEI Sound X (19990) will help you and your friends quell boredom during pandemic. Experience the next-level entertainment with these Huawei devices and apps that you will find on HUAWEI AppGallery and Petal Search Widget.

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