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  • Casio announces the release of the newest addition to its line of shock-resistant G-SHOCK watches

    Casio Computer Co., Ltd. has recently announced the release of the newest addition to its line of shock-resistant G-SHOCK watches to mark the 40th anniversary of the G-SHOCK brand. The four REMASTER BLACK watches feature a band imprinted with the model names of past milestone G-SHOCK models, whose innovations have forged the evolution in the […]

  • Mapúa University appoints Dr. Jagdeep Jassel as the new Dean of Business for the university

    The world has become more connected and highly competitive in the digital age. Filipino students need quality higher education that offers a more globalized outlook, equipping them to compete on the world stage. Mapúa University steps up to the plate via its groundbreaking collaboration with Arizona State University (ASU), ranked no.1 in the U.S. for […]

  • Thank Me Later: Donny Pangilinan fronts ADVALight, Belo’s Newest Treatment for Young Adults’ Skin Concerns

    “When does aging actually begin?” Various sources provide different responses, but Dr. Vicki Belo has a definitive answer: “Aging initiates at 25 because that’s when your hormone levels start to decline.” It’s no secret that everyone ages, but the enigma of how to prolong the process has been resolved. This is where prejuvenation comes in […]

  • Cebuana Lhuillier bags four distinctions from Philippine Quill Awards

    Cebuana Lhuillier, the country’s micro financial services giant, was awarded four Quill Awards from the International Association of Business Communicators Philippines (IABC Philippines) in the 19th Philippine Quill Awards. The awards underscored the creative campaign and strategic communication initiatives that the company undertook over the past year. The company’s financial literacy campaign “Iponaryo”, which responds […]

  • Tinder members turn to ‘affor-dates’

    Love might not cost a thing, but young singles looking to date as prices rise are definitely feeling the pressure.  Tinder called it early last year in March: in The Future of Dating report, the world’s most popular dating app noted how post-pandemic, singles increasingly preferred more casual and creative first-date activities to the traditional wine-and-dine. […]

  • foodpanda delivery partners beat all odds to graduate

    Just like when they are on duty on the road, delivery riders encounter different challenges and obstacles in life. Their path to success is not easy, and it never comes without sacrifices. But for these two foodpanda delivery partners, determination and grit served as the fuel to keep going and reach their goals.  Always on […]

  • Three fathers from Shopee share how fatherhood has transformed their careers

    Fathers provide, protect, and persevere at home and at work. In celebration of Father’s Day, three fathers from Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, share how fatherhood has allowed them to become better versions of themselves, including at the workplace. Martin: Evolving as a Leader and as a Father  Shopee Philippines […]

  • COMCO SEA’s Ferdinand Bondoy wins PR Champion of the Year

    COMCO Southeast Asia (SEA)’s Regional Integration and Chief Executive Director, Mr. Ferdinand L. Bondoy, bagged the Gold Award for the PR Champion of the Year (Agency) – at the Marketing Interactive PR Awards 2022 in Singapore. Marketing Interactive’s PR Awards is the definitive awards programme for PR practitioners on both the client and agency side, designed […]

  • This 2-step routine will make you smell awesome from day to night

    How do real men start their day during the summer? With a shower, of course! But, do your products do as much as they say or do you just find yourself feeling self-conscious in the afternoon? Don’t worry, bro. Your wingman for life, Old Spice, has a thing (or two) to help you out. Showering is […]

  • Teejay Marquez launches own skincare line GoodSkin

    The actor, influencer, brand endorser and YouTuber is now a proud entrepreneur calling the shots for his GoodSkin brand. With his matinee idol looks and flawless complexion, Teejay is his own best testimonial and aspirational figure—not just for his fans—but for Filipinos from all walks of life in search of the “fountain of youth” and […]

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