A ‘His and Her’ menu at Verbena

FINALLY, after years (or even decades?) of searching or rela-tionships that resembled failed scientific experiments, you’ve finally graduated from the SMV-NGFSB (Samahan ng Malalamig ang Valentines-No Girlfriend Since Birth) chapter. Now that you’ve made it past the breakup months of December to January, with the girl of your dreams is still very much in your arms, the challenge now, dear Romeo, is how to keep her happy, or if you truly feel that she’s “The One,” how to keep her—full stop.
The season of love is just around the corner, and no matter how clichéd it might be, Valentine’s Day, remains the most opportune and romantic time to take your relationship further. So now that you’ve bought the ring, practiced your lines, and memorized the question, all you have to do is find the perfect place where you could ask her to be part of your “happily ever after.”
Set the mood by taking her to scenic Tagaytay, specifically at the Discovery Country Suites’ Res-taurant Verbena, and use the picturesque Taal Lake and volcano as your backdrop. The restaurant’s secluded location and the intimate country manor vibe offers the best alternative to the crowded and traffic-choked Valentine rush in the city.

From February 11 to 14, Verbena executive chef David Pardo de Ayala has once again concocted a special “His and Hers” Valentine’s menu, that is guaranteed to unleash the hidden Casanova in you. Read: A mouthwatering abundance of aphrodisiacs!

Start building your confidence as you begin with a serving of carefully selected oysters. “His” is composed of Broiled Aklan Oysters with Catalan Tomato Bread and Jamón Serrano, while “Hers” is paired with Fennel-Saffron Cream and Vegetable Couscous. Chef David says the tomato bread isn’t toasted but rather burnt in such a way to produce the right taste and crust to complement the oysters.

The tasty set of appetizers is followed by a Crema de Calabaza soup, playfully seasoned with Pepitas, aromatic spice-roasted pumpkin seeds for him; while hers is a classic Italian soup, Zuppetta Pugliese with Tagaytay Bell Peppers and a Chilean Sea Bass Croquette. If there is still any remaining tension, these creamy and flavorful soups will certainly wash it down and put both of you at ease.

Recount all your happy moments as you share your servings of Prawns and Scallops. “His” is served with Crispy Paella Risotto and Bell Pepper-Saffron Sauce; while Maccheroni Pomodoro and Fried Basil accompanies “Her” delectable seafood concoction.

As you pass the halfway point of your dinner, it may be the time to muster up all the courage and pop the question as you both wait for the main entrée of roasted U.S. beef. “His” hearty appetite shall be satisfied with the slow roasted U.S. beef decked with melted onions, shiitake, peppered potato mousseline, blue cheese and Madeira sauce. The “Her” version on the other hand, is accompanied by Eggplant Provencal, arugula potatoes and Kalamanta Olive Jus. Unless she’s vegetarian, any lingering doubts or hesitation she still might have should be overpowered in your favor by the steak’s rich flavor and comple-menting side dish.

To cap of this most romantic and memorable of evenings, the gentlemen will savor one of Restaurant Verbena’s signature dessert creations, the sinfully delicious Chocolate Marquise, in a special presentation with marinated orange segments and thyme caramel sauce; while her Valentine meal ends with Chocolate Marquise with Panna Cotta al Limoncello and Strawberries.

For extra indulgence (and an aphrodisiac overload!), couples can add seared Rougie Foie Gras to their set menu. “His” version of Foie Gras will highlight grapes, almonds and “Pedro Ximenez” glaze; while “Her” treat will feature Moroccan spices, fig chutney and pomegranate glaze. The special menu can also be enjoyed paired with three glasses of carefully selected wines from distinguished labels.
According to chef David, there were two main inspirations for this year’s selection, “For the ‘His,’ menu, I chose the delectable showcase of flavors from the Iberian Peninsula while ‘Hers’ is a rather distinct Mediterranean-influenced menu. chef David added that he wanted to highlight the rich harvest from Tagaytay and incorporate it in the restaurant’s menu.
But of course, between you and me, take note that the oysters, prawns, chocolates and wine are already famed aphrodisiacs on their own. Now, couple those with the culinary wizardry of chef David in combining them with more enticing spices and ingredients, and what you have could very well be called the “all-star aphrodisiac selection.”
The variations in the dishes, chef David adds, were intentionally done to entice couples to share their plates in the most romantic, teasing and playful way possible. After all, there’s no better turn on than seeing the look on your significant other’s face as she relishes each delicious bite.
For inquires please call Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay at (02) 529-8172/ (046) 413-4567 or e-mail [email protected]

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