Why Bianca G is always Super!

Aside from being one of the country’s most sought-after hosts, Bianca Gonzalez is also an advocate of holistic wellness. Seen five times a week on TV, Bianca remains fit mentally, physically and spiritually despite living a busy schedule. Here, the pretty morena shares how she keeps in top shape, and how Yin Yang, Universal Robina Corporation’s (URC) newest beverage innovation, helps her achieve holistic wellness and be the supergirl that she is.

Food for the brain
With over two hundred thousand followers on Twitter, Bianca’s short random updates on food, showbiz, the FIFA World Cup, and even some anecdotes from her showbiz friends are her form of neural exercise. When she feels like going more in-depth about the things she is most passionate about, she pours her heart out in her popular blog (www.superbianca.blogspot.com). She also enjoys traveling to different local and international destinations, filling her mind with the rich cultures and learning that she gets from each trip. Truly, Bianca’s active online and travel life serves as her daily dietary supplement for the brains.

Food for the envious figure
It is no secret that Bianca’s slender figure is not a product of regular trips to the gym.  Her fitness regimen consists of running, dancing, yoga and pilates— Bianca does not adhere to strict training programs or diets. Not depriving herself for her love of Thai, Japanese, Italian and Vietnamese food, it is also Bianca’s natural habit of tea-drinking that makes it okay for the young celebrity to indulge in such delicacies. “Sometimes eating too much fatty, oily food—like yung mga fried and yung mga spicy food—may have adverse effects on the body like causing pimples and hypertension,” Bianca shares. “So ako, I always have tea like Yin Yang Cooling Tea after I eat, just to help lessen the chances of having these effects.” URC’s newest, refreshing ready-to-drink tea is made of freshly brewed green tea leaves of Camellia sinensis with three other traditional herbs, namely Mesona chinesis benth, Liquorice root, and Chrysanthemum flower which the Chinese believe helps provide a therapeutic cooling effect on the body. Perfectly blended with a delectable black gulaman flavor, Yin Yang Cooling Tea is the perfect match to any hot, rich or spicy meal.

Food for the soul
For spiritual fulfillment, it is her social projects and active involvement with UNICEF that round up Bianca’s cycle of wellness. By helping children get the right education and sharing her blessings, she is able to nourish her soul. “Wellness, for me, can only be achieved by living a well-balanced life,” Bianca said. “Your mental, physical, and spiritual activities must work together to let you have a better, more meaningful life.” Take it from Bianca. More than a beautiful face, she truly lives and breathes holistic wellness—and it shows. Heed her wise tips today, starting with something basic like drinking Yin Yang cooling tea, and watch your well-being bloom.