Tomar-Re is one of the orange-skinned Xudarians and the Green Lantern of sector 2813. His natural curiosity has led him to thoroughly study the sacred Book of Oa. The immortal Guardians of the Universe have recognized his scholarship and appointed him archivist and protector of the Book.


Considered by many to be the greatest Green Lantern in the Corps, Thaal Sinestro is a true adversary for any that oppose him. Leading patrols as a true role model in battle, he is one of the few beings the Guardians of the Universe implicitly trust. But when news of Abin Sur’s death reaches the Corps, Sinestro’s attitude changes for the worst, causing more problems for the new arrival, Hal Jordan.


Kilowog is the intimidating drill sergeant that trains new cadets for the Green Lantern Corps. Representing a long lineage of Bolovox warriors from the planet Bolovox Vik, he is now the last of his race. Kilowog’s tactics are renowned for pushing rookies to their limits and Hal Jordan learns the hard way that he’s no exception to the rule.


Considered one of the greatest test pilots to fly the skies, Hal Jordan is known for his fearlessness in the air. But when he encounters the dying Green Lantern, Abin Sur, at a remote crash site, everything changes. Seeking someone with the willpower to wield his powerful ring, Abin Sur chooses the earthling to become his successor, making Hal Jordan the first human ever inducted into the Green Lantern Corps.

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