Twitter Queen Anne Curtis speaks up!

With over four million followers Anne Curtis clearly reigns over local Twitterverse. Since she  opened her account in March 2009 the Showtime host has  been one of the most active in the microblogging site.

When her Twitter account hit the four million mark, she was definitely thrilled and ecstatic. “It’s a really big number. It was crazy! I appreciate all my Twitter followers that I get to interact with and share my sense of fashion and my craziness,” she said.

Anne’s social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram help her connect and interact with her fans. “It’s an amazing way to connect,” she said. “There’s instant feedback. I get to converse with them. I get to see how they’ll react to my posts. My Twitter and Instagram accounts let me share things they don’t know about me.”

Anne also shared her best Twitter experience when writer Paulo Coelho replied to her on Twitter. The acclaimed author of The Alchemist told her that he saw two of her films. He even greeted her on her birthday with a tweet saying, “Happy birthday, my muse.”

This experience encouraged her to reply to her own fans. “It was unbelievable to have an author that I love so much to actually notice me and reply to me. If I can give my fans the same effect when I found out that Paulo Coelho replied to me, I think that would be an amazing experience.”

 Being a Twitter Queen, Anne is without a doubt, a heavy mobile data user. Her mobile phone has a lot of photo editing, shopping, and social media applications that require constant connection. She likes to receive constant updates and be in touch with her followers on Twitter whenever she is on the road or stuck in traffic. On top of her data needs, Anne is also a frequent caller, even overseas especially with her family in Australia. With all the demands of being a girl like Anne, she needs to have reliable network that can keep up with her busy lifestyle wherever she may be.

That’s why Anne has been with Smart Postpaid for more than six years already. She currently uses her Smart Unli Data Plan whether she’s taping in a faraway location, relaxing at home or travelling the world.

“What I love about being a Smart subscriber is that I always have signal. I can be in a basement and my other co-stars don’t have signal so I’m very lucky and I share my Internet with them,” she said.

Apart from having a reliable network, Anne also likes to personalize her postpaid plan in order to suit her lifestyle as an actress, TV host, commercial model, and now, Twitter Queen. Now she can get more out her Smart Postpaid Plan with the newly launched Flexibundles.

Flexibundles let Smart subscribers customize any postpaid plan, whether they are in All-In, UnliSocial, Unli Postpaid, UnliData, Freedom, or iPhone Plan.  It has over 20 bundles that include unlimited call and SMS combo bundles, tri-net or all-net bundles, and volume-based data bundles. Smart subscribers can mix and match these bundles together with their plan to suit their mobile lifestyle. And they can simply do so by sending commands to an access code through text.

“I think it is important to have services that are affordable. I remember back in the day when you didn’t have these bundles. I’m happy now that Smart has Flexibundles, so there are different choices of what bundle would suit my lifestyle,” she said.

When asked what’s the best Flexibundle that would suit Anne’s lifestyle, ”Since I’m already subscribed to an UnliData plan, all I need is IDD Bundle Saver to keep in contact with my family in Australia. From time to time, I also sign up to an All Net Talk bundle to keep in touch with my friends from other networks.”    
Like Anne Curtis, you can also customize and adjust your Smart Postpaid Plan every month to suit your mobile lifestyle, whether you need call minutes, text allocations, mobile Internet, international services or a mix of everything. Flexibundles is available to all Smart Postpaid subscribers whether you’re a new or current subscriber. It is the most affordable way to help you connect with your friends and family. You can even follow celebrities like Anne on Twitter!

To check out the different Flexibundles available to Smart Postpaid Plans and their corresponding text commands, visit


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