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In many East Asian cultures, including China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan, the number 4 has always been considered unlucky.  The reason behind the superstition surrounding the number 4 lies in the way it sounds. In Chinese, the word for the number 4 sounds much like the word for death just as in other Asian cultures. In Japan and Korea, for example, the word for the 4 and the word for death are exactly the same. 

That explains why you won’t see a 4th floor button on elevators because most apartment buildings and hospitals skip the number altogether—or why there isn’t a lot of smartphones named with a number “4,” after all, most of the phones we use are Chinese brands. 

The only phones I could remember with “4” were the Galaxy S4, Note 4 and iPhone 4/4s

So I was a bit intrigued when I first heard about the Tecno Mobile Pouvoir 4—yes even more than Pouvoir (pronounced pou-vw /pu. vwaʁ/ or pu-vwar)—which means power. But we’ll get to that later.

Turns out, even though Tecno Mobile is a Chinese company, its become the largest manufacturer in Africa, where they even created the first quad-sim mobile phone “4Runner,” and it was a hit. 

So before we go to our review of the Pouvoir 4, you might want to know a bit more about this new smartphone entrant to the Philippine market.

From HongKong to Africa to the world

TECNO Mobile, established in 2006 in Hong Kong, is the first mobile phone brand of Transsion Holdings, a high-tech enterprise that integrates research, development, manufacturing, sales and services of mobile communications products. TECNO is committed to offering satisfying mobile communications solutions to consumers. The first factory was established in Shenzhen, China in 2007. The annual manufacturing capacity of the factory reached 3 million units of mobile phones.

 In 2008, the brand shifted its strategy focusing on the African market and marked the beginning of TECNO branding. TECNO planned and built an overseas management system to cover major markets in West Africa and East Africa, in an effort to providing customized products to local needs and better services to local consumers. 

TECNO obtained up to 40% market share in major African countries, establishing itself as a global player of telecommunications devices and services. After a decade, TECNO Mobile expands to North Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, India, Middle East with presence in around 60 emerging markets across the world

In 2016 TECNO became the first-ever, global mobile device partner of Manchester City Football Club. Definitely we can “Expect More” from this brand. 


The Pouvoir 4, is actually the second series that the brand has locally released since it launched in the TECNO Mobile Spark 5 in September.

The company calls it the #ENERGYKing because of its enormous 6000mAh battery that is capable of powering the phone for FOUR days straight in a single charge. 

Equally huge is its 7-inch HD+ Drop Display offering 90.55% screen ratio. Other key features include an AI quad camera setup, dual speakers, face and fingerprint unlock, and dedicated virtual assistant button, and you get all these for an almost unbelievable price starting at P4,590.00.

But is it really too good to be true?


The Pouvoir 4 comes in a blue/lime green box that is definitely eye-catching with lots of information printed all over the packaging.

I have to give it to TECNO Mobile for including everything you’ll ever need with your phone (except a simcard).

The retail package includes the Pouvoir 4 unit, a sim tray ejector tool, wall charger and the standard paper documents. PLUS you also get a screen protector, a plastic case, AND a pair of earphones—something you don’t get usually from other phones at this price range. 


The Pouvoir 4 comes in this sleek “glasstic” design and is available in three colors, Cosmic Shine, Ice Jadeite,and Fascinating Purple, each one unique and can easily stand out.

Exploring the phone, you’ll find the power button and volume rocker on the right, and the dedicated google assistant volume and sim card tray on the left. The top of the phone is clean, while at the bottom is the charging port, loud speaker, microphone and headphone jack. At the back you have the quad camera module  and the fingerprint sensor and the TECNO logo and branding running horizontally at the middle.

I would have preferred the sensor placement to be a bit lower as its easy to accidentally touch the camera module when reaching for it. The sensor works well although its not the fastest and you sometimes have to properly align your registered fingerprint. 

Up front, you have the 7-inch screen, 8MP selfie camera and the earpiece that also doubles as loud speaker. 

We’re used to seeing 6-inch+ devices nowadays but TECNO managed to just stretch things a bit and got away without making the device feel too big and unwieldy.  A few years ago when one hears of a 7-inch device, tablets are the first things that come to mind. Remember those people who used tablets as their phones and covered their entire faces? 

TECNO Pouvoir 4 looks and feels like your normal 6-incher thanks to its minimal bezels all around except for the slightly thicker chin. The Pouvoir 4’s massive 7-inch display screen has a 90.55 percent screen ratio and a class-leading 480-nit brightness capabilities, giving users a wider viewing area. Now combine that with its loud dual speakers and you get an cinema-level viewing experience that also makes gaming sessions equally as immersive. 


The Pouvoir 4 is equipped with a 13MP AI quad camera, plus two 2MP cameras and an AI lens at the rear. The main camera packs a F1.8 big aperture and 8X digital zoom with a 77-degree shot angle that produces HD video recording function. 

While this may sound promising on paper, actual use is just average at best. Photos taken outside and in well-lit environments are okay at best and good enough for social media postings, but they lack the details and vibrant colors to make them stand out. Indoors and nightime shots are passable, but again its not the Pouvoir 4’s best feature. The phone also comes with a low light video record mode that automatically brightens video shots in the dark, it does work but it tends to overexpose the video as well. 

Camera modes include video, AI CAM, Beauty, Bokeh, Panorama and AR Shot. AR shot is fun and will definitely appeal to younger users. 

That said, the Pouvoir 4’s camera works best in well-lit environments and for capturing nearby subjects. 

For selfie’s the Pouvoir 4 has an 8MP with dual flash camera at the front, now combine that with a ring light and you’ll have fun creating those TikTok Videos.

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The Pouvoir 4 has a Mediatek MT6761 2.0 Ghz quad core processor and a 3GB+32GB (expandable via microSD) configuration, and meets the requirements for DepEd E-learning devices. 

I’ve been using it for the past week or so and I’d say it does the job pretty well. It works best for web browsing, social media, answering emails, light photo editing and light everyday tasks. Since it only has 3GB RAM, expect a bit of lag when multitasking, or when several apps are running at once.  

As for gaming, I’ve tried it for Mobile Legends, and its playable on medium settings. I’ve also used it on several other games like Need for Speed, Asphalt 9, Rise of Kingdoms and all of them work great. This is thanks to Pouvoir 4’s dedicated game mode and scheduling of system resources to ensure a high-quality experience. For those who love shooters it even has a “magic button” that can be used as fire key in arcade and shooting games as well as a Screen Off Gaming Mode that saves more than 50 percent of battery power. The smartphone also features TECNO Mobile’s HiOS 6.0 which is built on Android 10.

Now as the #EnergyKing, the Pouvoir 4 truly impresses. According to the company, that 6000 mAh battery is capable of powering the phone up to four days straight on a single charge–thats 792 minutes of movie time,  516 minutes of video recording or 638 minutes of action-packed gaming. Just to give you a perspective 792 minutes is around 7 full movies or maybe entire season of your favorite Netflix series. 

That 6000mAh battery does last a LOOONGG while. I’ve been trying to drain it playing games and running tests and all it could do is knock a few digits from its battery percentage.  It can easily last a day of heavy usage or 2 days for those moderate users.

The past week I’ve been using it, I only needed to be charge it once. Now the downside to having such a big battery is that it also takes a while to fully charge it. So you either charge it overnight or plug it in and top up whenever you can to keep it at full charge.  Or you can get the Pouvoir 4 Pro which has fast charging.


The TECNO Mobile Pouvoir 4, delivers on its promise of being the Energy King with its long-lasting battery and at a price of just P4590, there are only a few other options out there that could match what the Pouvoir 4 offers. If you are looking to get your child a smartphone for his online classes, or looking for a second phone with a big battery, the Pouvoir 4 is a good option. But if you have a little bit more to spare you might want to check out the Pouvoir 4 Pro instead. 

The Tecno Mobile Pouvoir 4 is available at partner retail stores, visit http://bit.ly/TecnoStoresPH for a list of outlets.  Follow TECNO Mobile Philippines on facebook.com/TECNOMobilePH and get a chance to win your own Pouvoir 4.

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