Tattoo@Home brings sexy back to the landline

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As more and more Filipinos become part of the mobile generation, the once “illustrious” landline phone is quickly being replaced by the more feature-packed and sleek cellphones.

Hoping to bring the “sexy” back into one of the most dependable and cheap ways to keep in touch with your loved ones, Globe reintroduces a much improved version of its Tattoo@Home fixed broadband service that now offers subscribers free unlimited landline to Globe and TM mobile calls on top of the free monthly service fee and Globe NDD calls— making it the best value-for-money broadband bundle.

“We wanted to bring sexy back into the landline,” explained Jurist Gamban, head of Tattoo@Home Broadband during the grand launch party held Wednesday at Seventh High, Bonifacio Global City.

“Tattoo@Home has always espoused that an Internet connection is an enabler for greatness, especially for the whole family.This is why we need to make broadband as accessible as possible to everyone. She adds it is also the reason why they chose rock maestro Bamboo as their newest brand ambassador. “Bamboo perfectly embodies what Tattoo@Home stands for, and while we are all aware of his success in the music industry, only a few people know that he too is a dedicated family man.”

Gamban further explains that the landline is the lifeline of any household and serves as a reliable link between working parents and their children. It connects them to the househelp and the nannies who look after their kids. However, the cost of
calling a mobile phone from a landline has prevented this lifeline to be used as often as necessary.

Tattoo@Home’s free calls from landline to mobile (Globe line to Globe/ TM mobile numbers) and free NDD calls (Globe to Globe) provides a sense of security knowing that at any time of the day, calls may be made from the Globe landline to a Globe/ TM mobile number at no cost.

With the latest Tattoo@Home offer, you could talk to your loved ones who are on Globe Postpaid, Prepaid and TM subscribers all you want from your landline.

And all this for the same price as a Tattoo@Home bundled broadband plan that would fit a subscriber’s budget and need for speed. For instance, Plan 1299 runs at up to 2 Mbps, twice the speed of other broadband service providers for the same monthly service fee.

Host RJ Ledesma, Globe Chief Technical adviser Robert Tan, Tattoo@Home Jurist Gamban, Bamboo, Senior Advisor for Consumer Business Peter Bithos, Head, Consumer Sales Group Head Bernard Llamzon and Head of Human Resources Renato Jiao 

For subscribers who want the adrenaline rush, the Tattoo@Home Plan 2,999 answers that need for speed and runs at up to 5 Mbps.  Existing Tattoo@Home Broadband subscribers, get six months free unlicalls from you landline to any Globe/ TM number by re-contracting for another six months or by paying an additional P99 per month.

“Tattoo@Home is known for its reliability and its best value-for-money offers. And now with the free landline to mobile phone calls, it validates its position as the superior broadband in the market,” Gamban stated.

Tattoo@Home is powered by Tattoo, the back-to-back winner of the prestigious Broadband Service Provider in the Philippines award for 2011-2012 given by the global research and consulting firm Frost and Sullivan.

For more information and to know which Tattoo@Home bundled broadband plan suits you, visit or any Globe store nearest you.

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