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  • TECNO devotes itself into a more inclusive camera technology to create a world with more understanding and connections

    TECNO, a premium smartphone brand focused on emerging markets, recently partnered with BBC StoryWorks to create a short film The Future Lens: Looking Ahead With TECNO to explore how mobile camera lens provides inclusive mobile camera technologies to local consumers. “Cameras have evolved over the years, but unfortunately, it feels like the technology isn’t created with everyone […]

  • BBC StoryWorks creates content for TECNO

    TECNO, a premium smartphone brand focused on emerging markets, is working with BBC Storyworks, BBC Studios’ in-house commercial content studio, who have created a short film The Future Lens: Looking Ahead With TECNO to explore the meaning of mobile camera innovation. The video showcases TECNO’s inclusive mobile camera technology for each user through its unique ‘glocalization’ strategy, detailed the work that […]

  • TECNO Announces Innovative Memory Fusion Technology to Boost RAM and Apps Running Efficiency

    TECNO, a rising superstar as a global smartphone brand of the new generation, announced the release of a new virtual Random Access Memory (RAM) expansion technology for its users to increase the RAM capacity of their smartphones for optimal efficiency and processing power. This innovative technology will be available for CAMON 18 series and SPARK 8 series users in the next two weeks. Memory […]

  • Here’s A Quick Roundup Of TECNO Mobile Smartphones Released In 2021

    Premium smartphone brand, TECNO Mobile, released a number of high-performing, yet affordable smartphones in the Philippines in 2021, making advanced mobile phone technologies more accessible to consumers in the country. Each new release has enabled TECNO Mobile to stay true to its commitment to bring innovation to global emerging markets, as the premium smartphone brand […]

  • TECNO Disclosed Three Global Leading Mobile Camera Technologies to Launch in 2022: RGBW/ G+P, Sensor Shift and Telescopic lens

    TECNO, a key innovator in the mobile imaging ecosystem, discussed the future of imaging technologies with industry experts and shared recent company breakthroughs. TECNO, a premium smartphone brand focusing on global emerging markets, outlined its latest technologies and achievements at a webinar entitled “Global Mobile Camera Trends 2022: Innovation Talk”. The event was organized with Counterpoint. Webinar speakers addressed […]