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  • Cherish the wonderful moments of the season with these artistic creations handcrafted by Starbucks baristas.

    This season, Starbucks Philippines serves up a striking, color-changing beverage to intrigue customers. Introducing beautifully layered coffee beverages featuring unique fusions of Signature Espresso and surprising ingredients like butterfly pea flower tea and Tahitian vanilla. Cherish the wonderful moments of the season with these artistic creations handcrafted by Starbucks baristas. The newest Butterfly Pea Lemonade […]

  • Exciting flavors are brewing at Starbucks in 2018!

    Exciting flavors are brewing at Starbucks in 2018 As we welcome 2018, festivities continue on at Starbucks. The coffee brand hypes up the celebration for its 20th anniversary, with decadent servings of flavor and a variety of exciting on the menu. Starbucks is complementing its signature Espresso Roast with sophisticated flavors like salted caramel and […]

  • PETA brings its annual Summer Workshop to Filipinos

    This summer many kids are taking time off from school, and it’s the perfect time to take up a new hobby and hone their talents further. Countless workshops are popping left and right, from cooking to dancing. Kids nowadays can spend some time to pursue their passion and develop their skills. One of the most […]

  • Starbucks releases new espresso handcrafted beverages

    Delight in the wonderland of Espresso with the new Starbucks espresso layer collection which includes the new Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato and Valencia Orange Cocoa Cappuccino. The global coffee brand welcomes customers to the next level of coffee artistry with new indulgent beverages. Available starting February 21, these beautifully layered espresso beverages are set to introduce […]

  • Cast your VOTE and get a reward from Starbucks

    Starbucks Philippines offers One for You, One to Share promo  for those who vote on May 9  They say the act of casting a ballot, and making sure that your vote counts on Election Day is a nation’s great equalizer because it can change the future of a country. On that one day, once in every six years where […]


    I now have TWO OUT OF 65, or at least that’s according to the Guide to Collectible Mugs/Starbucks City entry at WikiBooks  which lists every city variant available, and I’m a bit scared that this may just be the start of what could be my new collection. This package I got yesterday was the best delivery of the […]

  • Starbucks dares to Show your loyalty for Team Caramel or Team Hazelnut

      From February 24 to March 5, 2015, Starbucks Philippines will run an online poll (through to ask their Facebook fans which of the two (2) featured Macchiato beverages is their favorite. Starbucks Philippines Facebook fans can vote on what team they’re on: Team Caramel or Team Hazelnut. The winning Starbucks Macchiato beverage will […]


    Just like Noche Buena, Christmas trees and Santa Claus, one particular planner has become part of the Filipino Christmas tradition– the Starbucks Planner. Its the one reason everybody’s lining up at thenearest Starbucks cafe’s (and probably why everyone seems to be in hyper mode)  The Starbucks Philippines Planner and its sea of holiday red cups […]