Check out these collection of T shirts from ORGANIC, CROWN AND INSPI on Shopee!

They are classic, versatile, chic, economical and oh so comfortable. 

I am of course talking about the humble T-Shirt.

Plain tees have been a beloved wardrobe staple for decades, whether black, white or colored, plain t shirts are the foundation for any wardrobe. They’re the ideal combination of simplicity and comfort and can be styled in an infinite number of ways. 

And since the summer season is upon us, you should begin restocking your wardrobe with some comfy new shirts.

The main reason to keep your wardrobe well-stocked with plain tees is for the huge variety and versatility they add to your style. There are so many ways you can style your plain t shirt–from the classic combo of a white tee with blue jeans, to  layering it under cardigans and jackets.

The MEN’S V-NECK (WHITE) & MEN’S ROUND NECK (LT.GRAY) from ORGANIC are basic clothing essentials for a comfortable everyday lifestyle. 

Forget about ripping stiches, rough texture or sagged neckline because all items are made of pure cotton for softness and  breathability to wear, lockstitch technology for stronger stitch, ring spun cotton for softness and extremely durable, and non-sag neckline for guaranteeing to never lose it shape.

When it comes to your t shirts, plain definitely does not have to mean boring. Minimalist fashion has been trending for the last few seasons and shows no sign of slowing down. Keep your everyday life comfortable with Organic Shirt.

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The plain tee is beloved by so many because of its ability to tie together all of the elements in your wardrobe to create endless combinations of classic outfits. Keeping a selection of plain t shirts in your wardrobe means you’ll never have to worry about what to wear again.

For Basic Tees that match your personalities check out the CROWN MEN’S ROUND NECK (MINT GREEN) & MEN’S CROWN (EMERALD GREEN)

Plain t shirts are a great way to fill in the style gaps in your wardrobe without spending big bucks.  They  are an essential part of creating a chic minimalist wardrobe. A selection of neutral and monochromatic plain t shirts forms the base for so many minimalist outfits

Too hard to find a specific color of shirt you want to wear? Crown offers a wide array of shirt colors and it is recognized by having a good quality materials. From neutral, pastel to bright color!

For a very affordable price, you can wear exactly the color of the tees you want that can fit your personality. If you have a soft personality, I recommend “Mint Green Round Neck” tee, and if  you’re a person who loves dark color, “Emerald Green Round Neck” perfectly fits you.

In case you want to check available colors, you can find more from their official store by searching the keyword CROWN SHIRT or CROWN TEE 

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Plain white shirts not exactly your style? Then add a splash of color to your wardrobe with printed shirts that make a statement with cool designs like the “You Make Me Smile, Mickey Mouse” Varsity shirt from INSPI

Wearing a comfortable tee is a major plus in keeping your positive vibes. Not only does it prevent sensitive skin from unwelcomed rash but it also lets you move freely without restraints.

For an affordable price and long-lasting print. Inspi’s newest arrivals, “you make me smile” and their very own Disney “Mickey Mouse Varsity” tee are great for those days when you need a bit of cheering up—or want to give others some positive vibes. 

Looking for more designs? Type in INSPI or INSPISTORE or click HERE to visit their official Shopee Store.

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