Sa Pula, sa Puti o sa Barako? Pinoy values ala Blend 45

Innately helpful and caring, Filipinos have been known to go out of their way to assist those in need, friends and strangers alike. The Pinoys’ pleasant nature and easy smile can make anyone feel at ease, while their compassion and nurturing spirit can lift spirits even in the most distressing of times. Blend 45 celebrates these exemplary Filipino traits, and more, with its new “Gising Pinoy!” campaign. Directed by Henry Frejas, the latest series of TV commercials seeks to bring out the good and the admirable in the Filipino.  

Depicting the thoughtfulness of Pinoys, Maalalahanin (Blend 45 Puti) shows that a steaming cup of coffee and the kindness of a stranger are all it takes to make a tired soul feel better. Matulungin (Blend 45 Barako) showcases the readiness to lend a helping hand and proves that acts of help do not go unappreciated. The sweetness and soft hearts of Pinoys take center stage in Malambing (Blend 45 Pula), while Maalaga (all variants) highlights their caring nature.

Just like these time-honored Filipino values, Blend 45 also shows off the best homegrown Filipino flavors in its new 3-in-1 coffee blends. Blend 45 Puti captures the richness and creaminess of carabao’s milk, while the delicate sweetness of brown sugar is showcased in Blend 45 Pula. Those with a fondness for the strong and bold taste of kapeng barako can find satisfaction in Blend 45 Barako. Watch for the latest Blend 45 commercials and wake up to the goodness of Filipino coffee flavors, only P4 per sachet in all leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide.

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