Provoke the Goddesses

THEY made you admire them, yearn for them, lose sleep over their beauty and uttered countless prayers even for just a sign.
They may be goddesses who are used to being chased up to high heavens, but don’t you think you’ve done enough chasing?
This summer, there’s a way to make them fall for you instead—a simple whiff of AXE Provoke.
AXE launched its newest scent at Taste Asia, SM Mall of Asia, with several goddesses of beauty gracing the catwalk to entice the male crowd—only to fall victim to those powered with the scent of Provoke.
“There hasn’t been a night like this, where we are all fortunate to be graced with the presence of amazingly stunning ladies,” says Paul Diaz, brand manager for AXE. “The time is right for the goddesses to make a comeback.”
The Goddess Fashion Show marked the start of the AXE Provoke SM Mall tour. These goddesses are ready to take the metro by storm, sweeping the cities one SM Supermarket at a time, picking out some lucky mortal men who will receive their very own AXE Provoke.
The modern-day goddesses are on the prowl! Thanks to AXE, you can now get your game on with them. Make one—or all of them—fall for you.

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