C2 Classic Cuisine: Seven Glorious Years of Sharing

C2 Classic Cuisine, the deliciously creative restaurant that put Crispy Kare-Kare and BIBINGKA Soufflé on the map, is set to redefine more of our favorite Pinoy classics. Known among culinary circles and foodies as one of the best restaurants that offer Filipino comfort food with a twist, C2 celebrates its seventh year with a revamped and even tantalizing new menu.

Being a nation of mixed cultural backgrounds, it should be no surprise to any true-blue Pinoy that sharing comes naturally to us, be it in our time, talent, and especially when it comes to dining. A simple meal can turn into a fiesta when shared within the company of family and close friends. Though it is said that there is no pure Filipino dish — for each of our dishes was brought to us or influenced by foreigners — the Filipino’s ingenuity, however, had managed to take these foreign dishes and influences and make them into things completely our own. Modern Filipino fare is, then, something as delicious as it is richly-influenced.

Taking the spirit of ingenuity and a genuine predisposition to sharing, C2 has come up with an exciting new menu that embodies both qualities in good measure. The result: a refreshing mix of local flavors that’s authentic yet at the same time modern, with generous portions fit for a feast. Join us as we embark on a culinary journey with C2’s tantalizing new menu.

“Walastik,” C2’s version of the ultimate bistek tagalog tops the list on the new menu with tender beef, pork and pig liver marinated in soy-lime sauce and served with crispy onion rings.
Seafood Inasal
Avid diners of the casual sit-down restaurant will not be surprised to find their favorite seafood dish given a twist such as C2’s Seafood Inasal which combines squid, fish, and shrimp generously served with classic inasal sauce on a sizzling plate. On the other hand, the menudo is elevated to a culinary masterpiece with C2’s Menudo ni Cabo, a traditional recipe brought back with a twist. Gently stewed beef and pork is flavored gently with cured meats and tomato sauce.
Menudo ni Cabo


If you crave for the familiar warmth of a sinigang, C2 introduces the Sinigang na Ulo sa Miso. The salmon head simmered in miso-tamarind broth will make you crave for more.  Served in a sizzling plate — the same rich, spicy and sour goodness, but with a little bit of quirk. For those trying to avoid meat this lenten season there’s also the visually delicious Seared Tilapia in Coconut Emulsion.

Sinigang sa Miso

On a rainy day, the Lao’ya — tender beef shank soup thickened and sweetened with ripe banana and sweet potatoes with leafy vegetables — is the ultimate comfort food.

Tatlong Ensalada, that is, three salads in one dish — green mango with bagoong, green eggplant with ensalada, and salted egg with tomatoes — continue to be very popular according to Chef Oliver.

Puto’t Pandesal
For appetizers or merienda, C2 offers the new Puto’t Pandesal, something definitely for sharing! With puto or pandesal as your bun, create your own sandwich using menudillo, dinuguan and longganisa. For a healthier alternative, choose the Ensaladang Prutas at Lato, C2’s classic salad. Ripe mangoes, juicy pomelo and crunchy seaweed is drizzled with honey-calamansi vinaigrette, a combination that will whet the appetite. The usual merienda favorites, such as Pancit Malabon, Arroz Caldo and Tokwa’t Baboy, will carry on in this menu’s outing.

Buko Pandan Shake
Meals won’t be complete at C2 without trying their desserts which should give crème brulees and other foreign pastries stiff competition. And C2 is not leaving this part behind by introducing new sweet additions. The Durian Brulee, durian-infused custard with a burnt sugar layer on top, will entice the sweet tooth. While the Buko Pandan Shake, C2’s newest concoction, is a refreshing pandan drink with jelly cubes and coconut meat.

“What C2 has been known for these past 7 years is the fact that we give a new twist to something that is familiar,” said C2 Head Chef Oliver Gascon. “We study some dishes again to see how we can improve them.” With 8 branches to boot and a Miele Guide recognition in 2009, C2 continues to innovate and pave the way for Filipino cuisine to be elevated to a global level. “The demand for Filipino cuisine to go global is ever increasing, and C2 is proud to share the best of what we can offer for the world to know how wonderful our food and our culture is,” the eager chef concluded.

Durian Brulee
C2’s branches are located at The Ledge at Shangri-La Plaza Mall; Atrium in SM Megamall; Powerplant Mall Rockwell; Midtown wing of Robinsons Place Manila; along Missouri St., Greenhills; Interior Zone at SM North EDSA; Summit Ridge Promenade, Tagaytay City; and Cravings Center in Katipunan Ave., QC. For inquiries on reservations and promos, call 636.1510, or visit the website at www.cravingsgroup.com.


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