Philippine Chef Makes it to the Prestigious Elle & Vire Professionnel’s Chef Ambassador Program

World-renowned French cheese and dairy company Savencia Fromage & Dairy, through its brand Elle & Vire, embarks on a delectable mission that defies the old saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” This project highlighting Elle & Vire’s professional range, Elle & Vire Professionnel, gathers not one but 17 culinary experts from around the world, among them Chef Josh Boutwood, the first appointed chef ambassador from the Philippines.

“It’s a big honor for me to be part of Elle & Vire Professionnel’s Chef Ambassador Program,” exclaims multi-awarded Chef Josh. “It will provide me with a platform to share more creative and delectable recipes with professionals, culinary students, and food enthusiasts while imparting the values Elle & Vire Professionnel stand for.”

“Of course, the chance to raise the Philippine flag in the international culinary scene is a welcome bonus,” adds the chef and restaurateur who’s a pioneer of the produce-driven food movement in the Philippines.

The selected Chef Ambassadors are expected to further intensify Elle & Vire Professionnel’s image and bring it closer to the market by conducting pastry and culinary demonstrations either physically or digitally and connect with the public through their own social media platform. They are also required to undergo seminars and trainings in Elle & Vire’s headquarters in Normandy, France and immerse themselves in the brand’s standards and shared values – Taste, Origin, Nature, and Excellence.  Chef Josh has yet to set foot in Normandy due to the pandemic and instead had his virtual training with Michelin-starred Chef Sébastien Faré together with Elle & Vire Professionnel Pastry Chef Jonathan Ledger.

“We believe that Chef Josh, with his remarkable contributions to the Philippine culinary scene, would make an exceptional Chef Ambassador for the Philippines,” says Errol Rivera,  Country Manager of Savencia Fromage & Dairy. “He will be an asset to the brand and for the Filipino food enthusiasts. We are excited to share the eight dishes he will create using Elle & Vire Professionnel’s cheese and dairy products.”

For more than 40 years, Elle & Vire Professionnel has been a reliable partner of gastronomy and pastry professionals, top international chefs, and prestigious training establishments such as Institut Paul Bocuse, École Pâtisseries & Gourmandises, and École de Boulangerie et de Pâtisserie de Paris.

The groundbreaking Chef Ambassador Program is the brand’s way to share its rich heritage to its global consumers. While remaining true to its roots and values, the brand, through the program, aims to be a more familiar name and be part of a global culinary and pastry experience.

Here in the Philippines, Savencia Fromage and Dairy’s seal of excellence can be sampled through the Elle & Vire Professionnel butter, creams, mascarpone, French cream cheese, and original American cream cheese. While the Elle & Vire Professionnel roster of products cater to the industrial segment such as restaurants, hotels, and other food businesses, the Elle & Vire brand carries cheese and dairy products available in supermarkets nationwide. 

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Click the link to see Chef Josh Boutwood’s first recipe creation for Elle & Vire Professionnel’s Chef Ambassador Program .

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