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  • Difflam-C significantly relieves the COVID-19 patients’ sore throat and alleviated throat discomfort

    A recent in-vivo study done by the UERM Memorial Medical Center Research team shows Difflam-C, a locally-available antiseptic gargle solution, significantly alleviates the so-called COVID-19 Sore Throat – the most common symptom and tell-tale sign of people diagnosed with COVID-19. The in-vivo study focused on establishing whether the combination of Benzydamine HCl and Chlorhexidine gluconate […]

  • CebuanaLhuillier Insurance Brokers partners with Multisys

    CebuanaLhuillier Insurance Brokers Inc. and Multisys launch Insurebox, a new online insurance marketplace. (L-R): Mr. Jonathan Batangan, First Vice President & Group Head, CebuanaLhuillier Insurance Brokers, PJ Lhuillier Inc.; Attorney Kath Mila, Chief Operations Officer, Multisys; Mr. Ergilio Ong, Senior Vice President and Mancom Chairman, PJ Lhuillier Inc. CebuanaLhuillier Insurance Brokers Inc. (CLIB), in collaboration with […]

  • The Life and Work of Cherie Gil

    In honor of legendary actress Cherie Gil, Regal Entertainment, Inc. released “The Life and Work of Cherie Gil”, a YouTube playlist presenting some of the late icon’s award-winning movies that the public can watch for free.  The films featured in the YouTube playlist include: 1.    “Too Young” (1990) 2.    “Manila By Night” (1980) 3.    “Beer House” (1977) 4.    “Sugar Daddy” (1977) […]

  • Step into the Smart Universe with BTS TinyTAN licensed merch

    Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) is launching a new partnership with TinyTAN, the group of animated characters created from the seven members of 21st century pop icons BTS, to bring a new line of special licensed products, including 5G-ready SIM packs and load cards exclusive for subscribers. TinyTAN was first launched in 2019 and is currently […]

  • YouTube announces “YouTube: Game On,” a live online global gaming event

    Watch the trailer here! YouTube celebrates all things gaming–from popular titles to top content creators–through the first-ever “YouTube: Game On,” a two-hour interactive livestream event premiering live globally on Sunday, August 28, 4:00 A.M. Philippine time. YouTube: Game On brings together more than 60 top gaming content creators, including Markiplier, Ali-A, AyChristene, Bazerk, Caylus, Chica, CouRage, Dream, EddieVR, EyStreem, Kwebbelkop, Neto, GeorgeNotFound, Jake Fellman, Lachlan, LARRAY, LaurenzSide, LDShadowLady, MatPat, Muselk, Myth, Preston & Brianna, Sapnap, Sidemen, Slogo, SunlessKhan, Sykkuno, The Grumps, TommyInnit, Typical Gamer, Wirtual, with even more to be announced. They […]

  • foodpanda has partnered with KonsultaMD to provide free medical consultation for partner riders

    On a mission to continue providing healthcare and safety benefits to its Ka-pandas, foodpanda has partnered with KonsultaMD to provide its fleet of partner riders, e-scooters, bikers, and walkers with free telemedicine consultation services.  Through the partnership, which ran March to June, thousands of Ka-pandas from the country’s leading online quick commerce platform were offered […]

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