Ortigas Art Festival Sparks Creativity and Artistic Expression

THE ORTIGAS Art Festival (OAF) celebrates its sixth year highlighting the talents of artists who want to bring their creations to a wider audience.

The OAF aims to make art accessible to all by “igniting passion and appreciation for the arts without being confined to a limited space.”

The free event, which runs until Aug. 13 at the east wing of Estancia Mall, showcases paintings, sculptures, photographs and fashion as well as educational workshops.

The OAF is an extraordinary celebration that shines a spotlight on the boundless talents of artists yearning to share their creations with the world.

With the overarching theme “Art for All: An Exhibition of Borderless Passion & Craft,” the Ortigas Art Festival visitors can see and experience art in varying forms and participate in educational workshops.

In a quest to make art readily accessible to all, the OAF ignites a profound passion and appreciation for the arts, breaking free from the constraints of limited spaces.

The OAF goes beyond mere exhibitions; it embraces the spirit of knowledge-sharing and artistic growth.

Be captivated by an eclectic showcase of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and fashion, each piece a glimpse into the soul of its creator.

It aims to highlight the talents of artists who want to showcase their creations to a wider audience, as well as ignite the passion and appreciation for the arts without being confined to a limited space.

“One of Ortigas Malls’ goals is to put Filipino art and craftsmanship into the forefront, and bring them closer to Filipinos through our annual art exhibit in Estancia.

This year’s Ortigas Art Festival is unique as we invited talented artists from Rizal, Pangasinan, Bulacan and Davao to share their talents, knowledge and masterpieces in this month-long event,” said architect Renee Bacani, Vice President of Ortigas Malls.“

I’m really thankful to Ortigas Malls for providing an opportunity like this for six years. This is an important platform to really reach out to a wider market,” said Renato “Mang Ato” Habulan, head curator for Agos Studio and Linangan Residency.

He added that the Ortigas Art Festival is a great way to educate people about various forms of art, and empower people to build a community through artistic expression.people.

I hope we can connect not only to young artists, but also to ordinary people who have the potential to do more art,” said Habulan.

Art indeed has the power to connect us all. Together, let us enjoy Ortigas Art Festival 2023.The Ortigas Art Festival 2023 will run until August 13 at the East Wing, Estancia in Pasig City.

For more information, follow Ortigas Art Festival on Facebook (@ortigasartfestival), and Estancia on Facebook (@estanciaofficial) and Instagram (@estanciaph).

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