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According to an article from (since Google couldn’t give me a proper translation)  “Nanban means foreigner and tei means tea house to describe a place where guests can unwind and relax after a long day of work.

But after seeing the social media posts of fellow bloggers earlier today (June 11, 2014) Nanbantei, for me, pretty much translates to “YOU JUST MISSED ONE OF THE MOST DELICIOUS LUNCHES EVER—HAHAHA.” 

It also didn’t help that Lou (LemonGreenTea) kept texting me how each new dish served just kept getting better– while I was having leftovers for brunch 🙁

So, honestly, I’m kinda drooling while doing this post….One day Nanbantei.. one day….maybe next week.

NANBANTEI OF TOKYO, the popular yakitori-ya, launches novel and uniquely-flavored yakitori dishes that go well with its fresh, new cocktails.

And, yes they served cocktails for lunch.


In Japan, yakitori originally means “grilled chicken.” But at Nanbantei of Tokyo, there are so much more to feast on than just your favorite fowl. Bites of flavorful yakitori dishes include beef, pork and chicken, seafood and vegetables—all combined with a variety of fresh ingredients, then served hot off the grill. Moreover, Nanbantei now offers fresh salads to tease (and please) your palate.

Begin your meal with the light and refreshing Shiitake Mushroom Salad.

The new light and refreshing Mushroom Shitake Salad.
The new light and refreshing Mushroom Shitake Salad.

Mushroom lovers will revel in this stand-out dish made of fresh lettuce, robust-flavored shitake mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, carrots and radish topped with onion leeks. This simple, no-fuss salad is served with sesame dressing on the side to better enjoy its hearty flavor.

Shrimp with Bacon – best of both worlds.
Shrimp with Bacon – best of both worlds.

Once you’re ready for some stick sensations, savor three new unique yakitori specials. Do you sometimes find yourself craving for meat and seafood? At Nanbantei of Tokyo, you can have both in one sitting. The new Shrimp with Bacon yakitori includes two sticks of three plump and sweet shrimps wrapped in slivers of mouth-watering bacon strips. It’s a match made in food heaven!


Gyu-tan: ox-tongue in garlic flavor.
Gyu-tan: ox-tongue in garlic flavor.

For the more adventurous foodies, the Gyu-Tan is spot on. The Japanese word for cow which is ‘gyu’ is combined with ‘tan’ to mean tongue becomes gyutan, or ox’s tongue, a specialty skewer in Japan. Sliced just right to the bite, this dish is garlic-infused and is perfectly grilled.

Buta Negi—onion leeks wrapped with pork—another yakitori bestseller.
Buta Negi—onion leeks wrapped with pork—another yakitori bestseller.

Buta Negi, on the other hand, are skewers of onion leeks wrapped with succulent pork slices. These hot bites are definitely worth a try.

Nanbantei of Tokyo also takes Japanese drinks seriously and adds a colorful spin to its signature spirits.

Nanbantei_Fresh New Cocktails (2) propa 2 Nanbantei_Fresh New Cocktails (2) propa

If your winding down routine means a bottle of beer, a glass of wine or a shot of that customary whiskey, it’s time to try something fun, innovative and truly Japanese. Nanbantei of Tokyo presents new cocktails which have premium ingredients and impressive presentations.

Hibiscus Mojito, a refreshing drink that combines mojito mint, Bacardi White, hibiscus syrup, mint leaves, fresh lime juice, lime wedge garnish and topped with soda water.
Hibiscus Mojito

One is the Hibiscus Mojito, a refreshing drink that combines mojito mint, Bacardi White, hibiscus syrup, mint leaves, fresh lime juice, lime wedge garnish and topped with soda water.


Malibu Midori
Malibu Midori


If you want something more gentle and delicate, sip into the new flavor of Malibu Midori, a merry mix of Midori Melon Liqueur, Malibu Rum, Bacardi White, sweet and sour mix and pineapple juice. If you like the fruity blend of citrus and the flavor of rum, this tropical drink is a great way to sweeten any day.

Japanese Mojito
Japanese Mojito

Nanbantei puts a twist on the Cuban classic favorite and uses Ichiko Sochu, fresh calamansi juice, simple syrup and soda water to create a delightful concoction called the Japanese Mojito. The use ooba leaves instead of mint makes it a delightful and delicious deviation from the typical mojito.

Gin Basil
Gin Basil

Herbs like basil, on the other hand, make for a spanking new spin to the Gin Basil. Nanbantei of Tokyo combine Tanqueray Gin, sweet and sour mix, fresh basil, simple syrup and Sprite to come up with this fizzy drink.

fresh rita
Fresh Rita

And finally, the elegant, subtle flavor of the Fresh Rita. Margarita enthusiasts will love this perfect blend of Cuervo 1800, Agave syrup, fresh lime juice and sweet and sour mix, topped with a lemon wedge garnish.

888 INSERT front

Here’s another great news! Dining with friends becomes more enjoyable with Nanbantei of Tokyo’s special offer featuring dishes Good For Three for only P888!

888 INSERT back
Choose from three sets: Samurai Set A has three orders each of Tebasaki, Poteto Maki, Negima, Aspara Maki, Pork Yakiniku and Ebi Tempura. Set B includes three orders each of Leba Maki, Beef Garlic Yaki, Pork Garlic Yaki, Beef Yakiniku, Shake Kushi Yaki and Kani Salad while Set C is comprised of three orders each of Bonjiri, Tebasaki, Sakana Maki, Tsukune, Shiso Maki and Tori Karaage.
All sets include three orders each of Miso Soup and Gohan. These are all great deals that are generous in serving and definitely satisfying!

Enjoy unique new flavors and five (5) fresh cocktails at Nanbantei of Tokyo in Greenbelt 3, 3/F Ayala Center, Makati City (Tel.No. 757.4131) and at the Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City (Tel No. 621.3224)


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