Even before its grand opening in September, let me just say this: Green Canyon Eco Resort is shaping up to be a  must-visit tourism destination in the country.

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If I could design my personal paradise, it would pretty much look like Green Canyon– lush green scenery where you have the best sunrise and sunset views,  Art and studio furniture everywhere, food that wouldn’t make you feel guilty, a wave pool– and a very strong WIFI connection!

I first met the Jose brothers, Niccolo and Abel a couple of years ago when they invited a few media to visit Beyond Private Residences—an Art Site/private hideaway in Lipa, Batangas.


Bond of Brothers: Abel and Niccolo Jose

The 12,000-square meter property was built to accommodate Nico’s select clients who wanted to see more of the artist’s works and so that Nico could personally take their measurements for their custom-made chairs.

Back then Nico had been focusing on creating custom-made studio furniture that isn’t only one-of-a-kind but also customized according to the owner’s anatomy to truly make it their “Personal” chair.

Promoting eco-innovation was one of the reasons why Nico chose reclaimed wood as his medium. Each piece of ‘studio furniture’ he creates continues the rich history ingrained in each chunk of decades old wood that he uses.

During one of our talks around his workshop warehouse, younger brother Abel, who manages their gallery Studio 10.10, let it slip that Nico was actually refining his craftsmanship as he was preparing to create studio furniture pieces for a resort—AN ENTIRE RESORT.


Back then the project was known as the Green Canyon Leisure Farms– an ecoresort located in Clark, Pampanga, where Nico was commissioned to do 200 pieces of chairs.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, I got another invite from the Jose’s informing me that the resort was already on a test-run. I had to go even just to see how Nico’s art has transformed.

I honestly didn’t expect too much back then as “Leisure Farm” didn’t exactly sound too exciting. But as soon as the gates opened, my jaw dropped just as we all mouthed a collective Wow!

Niccolo Jose’s woodwork named Roberto (named after their most hardworking gardener and inspired by Tekken’s Mokujin) will greet guests with his warmest welcome as they arrive at Green Canyon Resort.

Of all the resorts/hotels destinations I’ve been invited to for the past few years, nothing comes close to the overwhelming lightness I felt as soon as I set foot inside the resort.

Eco-Friendly, Tourist worthy

Found at the center of Southeast Asia’s foremost airspace, Clark Air Field, where the verdant landscape of Pampanga’s growing tourism center is punctuated by the rejuvenating flow of the Sacobia River, the 29-hectare resort development offers the soothing embrace of comfort and conviviality for those seeking a relaxing respite, creative inspiration, as well as priceless experiences to match their travel pursuits.

Characterized by its open layout, maximizing the rolling, unspoiled greens of its environs, Green Canyon Resort opens up a refreshing sanctuary complete with rustic, natural charm, as well as innovative touches in making it a one-off destination for the modern lifestyle tourist.

Just when you thought that lounge chair at the reception area was awesome, you turn around and find more spectacular pieces—even inside your bedroom.

Even if I’d been to a couple of his shows, Nico has definitely outdone himself with all the pieces he created especially for the resort.


Its stately, 60-room boutique gallery hotel serves as the highlight of the blooming sprawl, offering the contemporary conveniences and cutting-edge features that match the world’s leading accommodations while uncompromising its thriving green-print of sustainable energy sources, up cycled furniture pieces, and intelligent space design that preserve the natural appeal of its chosen location.

“We developed and built the resort using sustainable and efficient techniques that are environmentally friendly as well,” explained Abel who now serves as the Brand Manager of the Resort.

Abel adds Green Canyon Resort strives to become the benchmark of the finest hospitality experience and ecologically-sound practices in the industry.

Eco Meets Art with a Heart
The resort also serves as a stark canvas to the exciting developments in art and culture, from Nico’s signature studio furniture.

Citing the works of George Nakashima and Sam Maloof as his inspirations, Nico said he wants to bring back the emotion and appreciation for furniture as a freestanding art form. “To differentiate it from the pure mechanical pieces influenced by 20th century mass production and modernist furniture. Aged wood carries with it a history and each piece offers a narrative that ties in with the skill, craftsmanship and process that goes into shaping an individual piece of furniture.”

Niccolo Jose, Green Canyon’s in-house artist and furniture designer–its his creations that make Green Canyon truly unique!

From the chairs, tables, decors, lamps and even headboards, Nico’s creations play with all the senses, making wood look like its moving or flowing instead of its hard, rigid look.

“I want every piece to have soul so that the person sitting on it or using it would feel a connection with my creation.”

Offering an exceptional distinction to each of its suites, to the handful of sculptural pieces and art installations within the resort’s vicinity, Green Canyon opens up as a gallery showcasing the finest nature-inspired masterpieces. “In Green Canyon, we want to create experiences around everything ‘art’ to enrich people,” said Abel.

Conscious Cuisine
What’s better than great food? How about fresh ingredients and fruits picked from Green Canyon’s own organic garden!

Green Canyon takes its master craft to the kitchen, where farm-fresh, organically-grown produce become the unadulterated medium to the sensational Asian-fusion dishes served by its landmark restaurant, Pallete.

Boulders Lounge crafts exquisite cocktail concoctions for that perfect night cap. Or should one opt for cool refreshments and exciting bites served poolside, the Shed sates the appetite when going for a restful reprieve from the sun.

You can even pick some mangoes straight from the trees!

“We offer is conscious cuisine, not too healthy, but nothing that would make you too guilty as well,” Abel said smiling.

During our stay we were served a fresh bowl of garden salad, all source from their garden—but with the option of chicken or pork sisig on the buffet table!

And to best impart the remarkable Green Canyon Resort artistic experience among its guests, workshop classes in painting, woodworking, sculpting, and yoga, cooking and even gardening have been envisioned to be held among its vibrant surroundings, igniting creative inspiration and interactive collaboration among its guests of varying lifestyles and artistic disciplines.

Nico, who will be teaching on weekends says he plans to teach expressionist art, and immersing yourself in the beauty of nature embracing Green Canyon will definitely have your creative juices flowing in no time!

Relaxation, Rejuvenation and a one of a kind WAVE POOL!
Recreational activities also abound at the Green Canyon Resort, making each stay more memorable and meaningful. The Green Canyon Journey takes its guests on a guided tour among the resort’s scenic landscape twice daily, where weekend residents can marvel at the dawn or the sunset when caught among its unspoiled beauty, while enjoying a convenient and hearty spread of healthy, farm-fresh dishes as picnic.

Green Canyon also takes wellness to a whole new level of relaxation and rejuvenation, with invigorating massages and body treatments centered on the traditional healing arts best experienced among the resort’s healthful natural surroundings. A walk through Green Canyon Resort’s Organic Farm also proves equally rewarding, with guests being treated to valuable lessons on sustainable agriculture and their rightful place in a well-nourishing diet.

Guests young and old are also invited to experience Green Canyon Resort’s wide assortment of entertainment amenities. Looking to catch some waves? The Water+Wave pool provides the comforting lap of the waves for a refreshing getaway at the center of its calm landscape.

The Resort’s Symphony Pool, on the other hand, is a luxurious plunge pool that invites its patrons to take a cooling dip while enjoying coconut juice straight off the husk and taking in the grandiose view of the resort.

Green Canyon also provides its more adventurous guests the option of exploring the resort’s expanse with its ATVs, adding to the new lifestyle destination’s array of revolutionary excitement.
Looking for the perfect place to pop the big question? Green Canyon has a specially created “proposal bench” so you could ask her to spend forever under the stars while listening to the calming sound of the waterfalls as backdrop.

“We want each guest to have their own unique experience at Green Canyon—whether they want to have breakfast at the top of the mountain, have a picnic as the sun sets; we will try to accommodate their request as long as its possible, that is why won’t be accepting any walk-ins, shares Abel.

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Green Canyon is located at San Vicente Road, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga. For more information, visit

For inquiries, call +63 45 499-1381 or email [email protected].