ML Wallet the App that makes Mobile Financial Services more accessible

Millions of apps are available for download in either Google Play or Apple App Store, all promising to improve the way we do things or even improve the way we live.   And the reality is, there are remarkable apps out there that do deliver on that promise.

There is an app that allows us to grab a cab or a motorcycle ride faster, an app that allows us to send messages without the text charges, and even an app that guides us through traffic.  Technology has indeed empowered us and solutions are literally just a touch away.

ML Wallet is another remarkable app that offers specific values to the loyal customers of M Lhuillier. It is an innovation created to deliver fast, secure, convenient, and reliable way of sending money, paying bills and even loading mobile devices.

Using the ML Wallet app is intuitive, and requires a few steps before you get started.  Like most apps, ML Wallet requires the user to register.  However, as a regulatory requirement, a user must visit an M Lhuillier branch to complete the registration.   Once registered ML Wallet is ready to go.

Sending and receiving cash transactions are now faster and more secure with ML Wallet.  To start off, visit any M Lhuillier branch, complete a cash load-up and you are set to transfer cash to anyone, anywhere in the country.    It is even possible to do a transfer from one ML Wallet to another ML Wallet user, making it a cashless and safe transaction.  The cash received is safely recorded and stored in the ML Wallet app that is ready to be cashed out with M Lhuillier.

On top of managing cash remittances, ML Wallet allows for a convenient way of paying bills.  No need to travel and fall in line to settle bills, with ML Wallet it is now just a click away.    Pay your electricity, water and telephone bills with ML Wallet.  “Bills payment is a service we are aiming to further improve as we aim to add more and more merchants and institutions that will accept payment through the app.   Soon there will be no need to go anywhere to settle any bills,” said Ceasar Laro, division manager of M Lhuillier.

Finally, if loading up your mobile devices is a concern, ML Wallet makes it more convenient and reliable.  Your “suking tindahan” will surely miss visits as you now have the ability to load up with any telco provider at your convenience.   Having the ability to load up anytime is a valuable service for Filipinos, who aim to keep in touch with family members abroad through their mobile devices.

“Over time, ML Wallet will offer additional functionalities that would further improve its value to its users.  We foresee that ML Wallet will become a staple app and valuable service to millions of households in the country,” added Laro.

ML Wallet is an app designed with the M Lhuillier customers in mind, as well as the millions of Filipinos that remain without access to banks and other financial institutions. It is a fast, secure, convenient and reliable app that definitely helps bridge the gap.


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