Sharing the same “X” with Kris Aquino

Finally had a selfie with Kris! Love. Love Love!

A week ago, Kris Aquino posted this somewhat cryptic post on Instagram:

The caption read: “Seriously, i’m curious? How many of you would give it a try? 🤔💬

As expected her fans immediately flooded the comments section with their own thoughts as to whether their idol should or shouldn’t meet up with her X

Many showed their full support:

maggie.eugo Wow may nagbabalik ata. Well. Ms Kris the fact that you’ve reached this level, questioning your heart if you should or not. Maybe the answer is yes? You deserve to be happy. Give yourself a chance.

graceygonzlee A yes for me… Now getting better and better second time around. Life is too need to fret.. Whatever makes u happy.. Go for it❤❤😜

ajolivey2146 Yes!!! Dahil kay ganda nang lahat if WE WILL JUST LOVE GOD BLESS ALL OF US 🙏🙏🙏

rtneds if ur heart shouts for it, GO! Why wud u mind what others have to say, when u know frm ur heart that he makes u happy??! sabi nga sa kanta, All i want for Christmas is YOU! , check??!


Some however had conditions:

adm_sofia Hi ms kris.. it will depend. If I still love him, his totally single and most of all has effort to win me back and I can see sincerity on him Y not.. second chance is only for those deserving.

unicachel… we have to know the ‘what chance’ are you’re talking about.. if a chance to hangout lang naman, push!!! I do think sometimes it’s OK to let go na lang. Go with it, another memories you can store in your life. Bahala na mangyayare.. wala ng what if..

mistercmt If both of you are still single and both reached maturity in such a way that the past has been totally erased and burned down to ashes, and this is the most important one: when the intention is pure, then giving another chance is all worth it. If it is worth having, if it is worth wanting then a second chance is worth giving.

glendavictacruz Yes yes yes. Forgive and be happy but be smart this time

mlouj.910 kung meet up lang nman for the spirit of the season why not… pero for the continuation of the past hwag na siguro ksi na afford na nga nya na mawala or masaktan ka before ,pwede nya uling gawin yun… ngayon pa na blooming to the max ka na miss kris hayaan mo syang mag laway syo.👍😘

…There were those who got straight to the point

karine_derya@strawberripink26 No..😂

jambycanon No more chance 🤣 NOPE nope nope Been there Done that 😀

bethgspr One more chance? NEVER!!!


And there were others who had “hugots

rosalieg28 ayoko ng umasa ms kris, nabigo na sa una eh

eastshen To meet again YES, to give a CHANCE? YES, but a chance to let him realize, he lost a diamond 💎

sheerreeeyes Maybe I’ll meet up with him to show to him that I’ve totally moved on, still alive and kicking and very happy without him.and giving a chance is a big NO. I used to give him a second chance before and history repeats!😭

urmhadjestyHmmmm. I would say NO to both. May nabasa ako somewhere that says “Never go back to an old love. It’s like rereading a book and you know how it’s going to end”. Something like that. Kumbaga, kahit ilang beses mo basahin ung same book, same pdin ung ending niya. Masakit, but it’s true. 💔

dianneocampo28 No No No No. Theres no way But forward And up.

paowikan31 Yes i will meet them up to catch-up. To say thank you for all the lessons I’ve learned. But to go back.. that something i would not consider 😉 hahahaha #bitter

minnaverownI would love to meet him and show how happy and contented I am with my life right now without him. I want to show him that he’s not the reason of my happiness anymore. I want to show him that I already forgave him even if he’s not sorry for what he did.I think that’s what all people should do right??? Make your heart the most beautiful thing about you ❤

There were was one follower who quoted Heart Evangelista after an encounter with ex Jericho:

Ginapiepuracan According to Heart Evangelista when she saw Jericho Rosales: ” I still believe in the idea of one true love, and it could be with somebody you don’t necessarily end up with. It’s not sad. At least you met him. It’s not sad because it was so great that you’ll never, ever forget. You can still feel it to this day. The way I see it, I’m just so happy that I experienced it because not all people do.” I agree. For me, I still give him a chance and more than willing to meet him if… I’m still single..🤗❤️😘

But then there was Winniebyabutstange:

Winniebyabutstange: i will give an X a chance ……but not an X bf or X husband…. its an IPhone X…😊 i’ll give an I phone X a chance this coming Christmas…😉

I was at MegaMall last Friday to get my own iPhone X, when I heard the staff mention that Kris was actually dropping by to get her phone as well.

So this was the X Kris was raving about and excited to meet.

And I guess she was really serious about meeting this X, otherwise, she wouldn’t have braved the horrendous Friday traffic to go to megamall and personally claim her SmartiPhoneX.

She arrived with her “crew” who was also there to film an episode for her YouTube channel. So after inquiring about the benefits of getting her X on a Smart Postpaid plan, she then sat down the customer service area to “meet” her X face to “faceID.”

Although I was in a hurry to get to another event, I just couldn’t resist but stay and watch her shoot the webisode—unedited—and since there were only a few of us inside the Smart Experience Store, I knew I could finally have a selfie with the Queen of All Media.

She got the silver edition of the Smart iPhone X (just like mine ha!) and she got help from the staff to set it up. Kris looked really intrigued as she registered for Face ID, although I’m not too sure if she was pleased with the 12 character options for the animoji—“I don’t want the alien!” I heard her say and kept asking if you could use the regular emoji instead”

Once the SmartiPhone X was set up, Kris took a selfie with the ladies who assisted her, and because it was her first time to hold the phone, she asked them to take the photo for her fearing that she might drop it.

To tell you honestly, I never understood  why people loved Kris, because I found her quite over the top, turns out, over the top is one that actually makes her so likeable for a lot of people.  Because despite not being on TV for most of the past year, she continues to be one of the most influential celebrity endorsers. And after seeing that we have the same Smart iPhone, I felt a little bit more pride and happy with my decision, that probably the Kris effect.

And now Kris and I have the same X.–the #SmartIphoneX

As she said in her interview that follows—“Wag na tayo magpaka-fake the Smart iPhone X is the dream gadget this Christmas.”

After signing up with her new postpaid plan, Kris got back to work to answer a few questions about her encounter with this “X” and here are her complete answers  (made a few edits for clarity) 

How far are you willing to go for an X?

I’m willing to go as far as megamall, which is the nearest mall in our house for an X. Its one of the closest malls near our house.

What will you do for an X?

What you would do for an X is really dependent on how you broke up. If it was a bitter breakup I think that X should remain an X but if an X managed to remain friendly with you go ahead and do as much as you can because there is nothing wrong about being friendly with someone who has been good to you. But if that person is being bad to you forget it!

Why did you decide to give X a chance?

I decided to give the X a chance because of a quote– It boils down to life is really short and you have to take it one day at a time – and at the end of your life when you look back what will you regret more—the things that you went for and didn’t succeed or the things that you never tried, I’m the type of person that I know that will regret not trying more than not attempting.

Ako yung tipo na di baleng sinubukan ko at nadapa ako, or pwede bang iniyakan ko rather than look back and regret na pinakawalan ko pa opportunity. Because Im really the type of person who doesn’t want to live a life of “what ifs” “maybes” and “why nots.”

I’m the type of person na– Okay I got my answer whether it’s a good answer or a bad answer, I have my answer.

Finally had a selfie with Kris! Love. Love Love! Biiiimb!

What attracted you to the X?

Persistence is what attracted me to the X because omnipresence– everywhere you go you get the feeling na you cannot escape the X.

How does your x make you feel?

During sad times the x can make you feel uplifted coz that’s a person you shared  history with, but during happy times that X can also make you feel even happier because that X also knows that history and can also celebrate with you.

Whats the benefit of being with an X?

The only benefit of being with an X is if you have gotten back together

What cant you forget about your X?

The X has memories.. If that X has made an impact on your life then obviously you are not going to forget that X.

Why did you decide to give the iPhone X or iPhone 10 a chance?

Im an iPhone lover I remember this super distinctly back when Boy (Abunda) and I had a nightly show. At that time uso ang Blackberry and in the ph ako yata ang nagpasikat ng Blackberry. We would get encrypted messages and dun binibigay sa amin ang scoop. My brother was the one who started with an iPhone.  I never gonna go for that but it’s really true once you really tried an iPhone you are never going to go back. So from iphone 4 my defenses weakened and I gave in. From iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, iPhone 8 and 8 plus lahat yun pinagdaanan ko. Every year I would change but I knew di ako bibili as soon as it was released.   When the Big one, 6plus, first came out may bumibili at Php 95k I didn’t. I waited until the prices stabilized. But Boy Abunda really wanted it so I bought it at 80K pikit mata. Eversince that time malaki na phone masaya na ako. I love the convenience, I love it when you have iTunes account its all there already.

When I posted the iPhone X on Instagram my boys wanted the iPhone X and we were in New York when it was launched and there was a long line… nakita naming yng lines I told them relax Smart is gonna have it and we are going to get it when Smart has it. Its worth the wait.

Best thing about the Smart iPhone X?

At this point in time doing the mat it is a great deal to go for the Smart Postpaid Plan. I was computing and the cheapest you can buy the phone without the consumables for the 256 GB is about Php73k. Computing it at Php3199 per month over 24 months that’s P76,776 which is okay hindi na masakit because you are getting a lot of stuff like unli text to all networks 60 minutes and 1 free app every month… whether you choose Instagram, Facebook.. parang dinagdag mo is just 4k as opposed to buying the actual phone. I also love their gadget shield offer as I am a believer in insurance.

Sa tunay na buhay ang mga X talagang they broke your heart Pero sa smart ang iPhone x will never break your heart because meron ka ng insurance and they are gonna replace it!

So na-convince tlaga ako this is the perfect way to go aspirational but still within reach and it will make you strive harder in order for you to get the gadget of your dreams. And wag tayo magpaka fake this is now the dream.. We all want it and Smart has made it more affordable for you to own it.

And then there was the phone in question!

Who is your favorite X?

My favorite X is the one who gives the permits in Quezon City!


So there, I don’t think you need more clues for that!

Well Kris Aquino also proved once again how generous and thoughtful she is not only by by giving iPhone X gadgets to his sons Bimby and Josh but also to one of her lucky fans!

…so it made me realize w/o all of you supporting me & my new projects, i wouldn’t be able to do this for my sons… “i’m working out the details w/ my KCAP team but i want to make 1 of you, from my online followers as happy as my sons are now- so yes i’m including 1 iPhone X in my #Christmaslovelovelove sharing!

As for me, I don’t have problems sharing the same X as Kris. Although I’ve found my Mate (in the HuaweiMate10) having the #SmartiPhoneX gives me the best of both worlds and I couldn’t ask for more this Christmas!

Full Review soon!

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