Here are five recipes from URC Flour’s Youtube Channel that you can include in your bakery or food business

Chocolate chip muffins? Yes, please!

Do you own a startup bakery and need information on how to level it up? Or perhaps you dream of opening one but don’t know how. The good news is you can find information you need on URC Flour’s YouTube Channel! Here, expert bakers share useful tips on product costing, batching computation, different baking methods (and their pros and cons), flour science, and many delicious recipes!

Here are five recipes from URC Flour’s Youtube Channel that you can include in your bakery or food business’ menu:

Chocolate Chip Muffins

This moist and fluffy treat is a must on any bakery’s menu! You can have them for breakfast, merienda, baon, or dessert. Plus, they go well with almost any beverage—from coffee, milk, juice, or chocolate milk. They’re also an ideal pastry for customers looking for a snack to take out thanks to their munchable size.

Get the recipe here.

Cream Puffs

You don’t need to fly to France to enjoy a fresh batch of cream puffs. Explore ways of making a pate a choux or cabbage paste, which serves as foundation for several pastries. Know the importance of bringing ingredients to a boil, using the right flour, and cooking the dough thoroughly at the right heat level.

Get the recipe here.

Bento Cake (great for gifts!)

Super buttery and small enough to fit inside take-out boxes, Bento Cakes make great gifts to give loved ones on their special day, especially if they can’t finish one whole cake! This recipe will teach you two ways of baking a Yellow Layer Bento Cake.

Get the recipe here.

Garlic Pan de Sal

Level up your favorite morning bread with a couple more ingredients and a lesson in yeast variation. Educate yourself about the difference between using active dry yeast and instant dry yeast. How does it affect the bread volume, crust color, and crumb structure?

Get the recipe here.

Cranberry Walnut Bread

Healthy food options are in high demand right now, so how about including healthy bread in your menu? Mix in your favorite berries and nuts for a healthy, fiber-filled bread. Plus, you’ll even learn about two types of ovens and how they affect the quality of the baked goods you produce.

Get the recipe here.

Get ready to bake and try these recipes and more by visiting URC Flour’s Youtube Channel!

URC Flour’s Youtube Channel aims to empower home bakers and pastry chefs by providing them with useful recipes, techniques, and information on baking science. It also shares ways to make the most of URC’s consistently high-quality flour products. 

URC Flour will also be releasing new episodes this year, so tune in and don’t miss out on your chance to learn and level up!

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