Upgrading to a Gas Range? Here’s what you need to know

So the pandemic has awakened your hidden kitchen talents and you want to take your cooking skills to the next level?  

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If you are really serious about becoming a home chef, or start a small business, its time to upgrade your kitchen tools and get that gas range you’ve been eyeing for quite a while.

A nice gas range/oven, however, requires a substantial investment but getting the latest model does have a lot of benefits letting you cook more efficiently and bring fresh features and upgraded technology. Still you have to consider several things such as its features, style, performance and price.

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Gas or Electric? Why not have both?

Here in the Philippines most still prefer gas as electricity prices can be quite expensive. Gas ranges are usually cheaper to operate. Some prefer electric ranges because of safety issues as there’s no chance of a gas leak. 

There is, however, one brand of gas range, Hafele that boasts of several safety features, one of which is the automatic shutoff which turns off the burner after a preset time or when the flame dies suddenly.

There are three standard freestanding range types: electric, gas, and dual-fuel (a gas stovetop with an electric-powered oven).  Each type includes; A stovetop (some with four or five burners; and an oven with usually two racks. The Hafele gas range has a 64L volume capacity with Top and Bottom Heating.

Gas cooktops offer fast, even heat so whether you are sautéing, boiling, or frying, you will find that you will get it done quickly with a gas cooktop. The heat comes from the flame, so as soon as you turn on the burner, you are cooking. 

A gas range also lets you turn the flame higher or lower allowing you to adjust the burner to the right temperature you need if you are trying to get something to boil or if you are frying, or you just need to warm some soup, a gas stove allows you that ability. You don’t have to worry about your burner having to take time to heat up or cool down. Whatever temperature you are looking for, it is all in the flame. Turn it higher or lower and your flame will follow. You are in control.

HAFELE GAS RANGE is Available at Robinsons Appliances

Another advantage of a gas range over an electric one is that when you are done cooking, you only need to turn the burner off, however if you are using an electric stove, it will remain hot and this residual heat can turn your food from perfectly done to charred crispy. 

One Gas Range that offers you all these benefits is the Hafele Cooking Range 533.02.420. It has 3 Multi-gas burners with 1 Hotplate (Euro type pool) o 1 x Rapid burner (2.4kW) and  1 x Semi rapid burner (1.7kW); 1 x Auxiliary burner (0.9kW); and 1 x Electric Hotplate (1.0Kw). Other features include Automatic electric ignition; Glass top lid and Heat resistant control knobs.

As mentioned, it has a safety feature called Smart Timer for Semi rapid burner that  turns off gas automatic after the time set o Flame Failure Safety Device

For its oven, it has a 64L Volume capacity with Top and Bottom Heating, a spacious Turnspit (Rotisserie); an Electric Grill plus Double removable glass oven door o Knauf insulation; Oven lamp; and Digital Timer.

As for its build, it is made up of Inox Stainless Steel with glass and comes with a Matte pan support and burner caps o 1 x Oven Baking Tray; 1 x Oven Chrome grid and instruction manual

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Häfele is an internationally organized family owned and operated business with headquarters in Nagold, Germany. It was founded in 1923 and today serves the furniture industry, architects, planners, cabinet makers/joiners as well as dealers in over 150 countries around the world with furniture fittings and architectural hardware as well as electronic access control systems.

Get the HAFELE 533.02420 GAS RANGE at a promo price of only Php38,291 from its original price of Php46,400. You also get a free Range Hood plus 1000 gift voucher from Robinsons Appliances Novaliches.

Here in the Häfele Philippines, it first office in Pasig City and Cebu in 1995, introducing German quality hardware fittings to the local furniture and construction industry. Since then, our market has grown steadily as we partnered with dealers, and supplied major hardware depots across the country to cater to end-consumers. The brand signifies durable and innovative products that are trusted not only by builders, architects, and designers, but by homeowners as well.

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