Filipino Pro Wrestling returns as FPW Debuts This October

Filipino Pro Wrestling bursts onto the scene with a debut showcase this Oct 16 at the Power Mac Center Spotlight.

The local scene just got bigger and better with the arrival of Filipino Pro Wrestling(FPW), a new professional wrestling promotion featuring some of the country’s premier wrestlers, giving
fans a chance to witness the best of the best Philippine wrestling in one ring.

“FPW was built off the backs of a collective belief that pro wrestling can be a staple of Filipino mainstream entertainment,” said Red Ollero, President of FPW.

“We saw the vision back in 2019 and early 2020, and we know that the possibility of being able to deliver world-class wrestling on local soil is within reach.”

With the resurgence of live events this 2022, FPW mounts their debut showcase on October 16 with FPW: Unfinished Business. Featuring standout talents such as Quatro, Ralph Imabayashi, Mike Madrigal, and more, fans can expect high-adrenaline action and exciting
athletic bouts from the wrestling promotion.

“We can’t wait to show our fans our own brand of wrestling–something that the wrestlers and
everyone involved with FPW has dreamt and worked hard for these past 2 years.

Our goal is to be the platform for the best Filipino wrestling in the country and it begins with our live event this October 16.


We are excited to share with you what passion, determination, and an unwavering vision can do inside the squared circle.”

FPW: Unfinished Business tickets are available exclusively at and

Early-bird tickets are at P700 until October 15 while regular tickets are priced at P1000.

Follow FPW on Facebook. For further inquiries, please email us at [email protected]
Official event hashtags: #FPW #FPDub

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