Jointly organized by Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), Taiwan Excellence held its second online press conference featuring seven Taiwanese medical products manufacturers to highlight Taiwan’s strengths and to boost economic activities amid the global standstill. From Left to Right: Mr. Wilson Chang/Manager of Taiwan Stanch, Mr. John Chuang/President of ONYX Healthcare Inc., Ms. Crystal Hung/Asian Pacific Sales Director of Great Group Medical

Of the 3.76M confirmed cases of CoViD19 worldwide, only 439 cases were reported from 

Taiwan an island of 23 million people. Of these, 347 were people who arrived from abroad, with just 55 cases of local transmission and only six deaths — figures that are a testament to the exemplary containment measures implemented by Taipei.

L-R: Mr. John Chuang, President, ONYX Healthcare Inc. ; Mr. Wilson Chang, Manager, Taiwan Stanch; Ms. Crystal Hung, Asian Pacific Sales Director, Great Group Medical Co. ; Ms. Ming-Fang Yu, Deputy Director of Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA; Walter Yeh, President and CEO, TAITRA ; Ms. Cherry Weng, International Sales Regional Manager, Mediland Enterprise Corporation; Mr. Justin Chang, Asia Pacific Department Sales Representative, APEX Medical Corp. ; Mr. Leo Lee, Executive VP , Medigen Vaccine Biologics Co.; Ms. Jessie Sun, Executive VP, BluSense Diagnostics ApS

It has also been 24 days since the last case of local transmission of COVID-19 was reported in Taiwan.

Many point out that the secret of Taiwan’s success is because of the lessons it learned and the painful memories of the 2002 outbreak of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Back then Taiwan had the highest mortality rate in the world and the Taiwanese people. 

Because of that, there was a quicker and more effective response by the government when the CoViD19 pandemic broke out. Taiwan has also shown the world its resilience, integration capacity and advanced medical practices.

Last Monday, Taiwan’s trade representatives introduced an ecosystem of pandemic prevention products and related industries aimed at offering assistance in the fight against the raging COVID-19 outbreak. 

At the online product launch, Walter Yeh, President and CEO of TAITRA, said Taiwan has already established a well-organized deployment and pandemic prevention product ecosystem that will broaden the horizon and scope of the supply chain for Taiwan’s medical industry.

From medical equipment, such as respirators, dedicated medical devices, ear thermometers,  pressure redistribution mattresses, rapid test kits to protective isolation gowns and even scented facemasks, the one-hour event showcased a complete lineup of products that could help any country contain another pandemic. The event held by TAITRA further highlighted the country’s strengths and to boost economic activities amid the global standstill, according to the trade promotion body.

Webinars jointly organized with the National Cheng Kung University Hospital attracted 14,000 Indian medical staff. A virtual healthcare pavilion, which consists of 42 medical, assistive devices or smart medical products from 33 Taiwan Excellence Awards winners was also in place, Yeh said.

Such measures effectively remove the boundaries of time and space and even the rules of social distancing, he noted, adding that international buyers and interested individuals can engage their desired products or Taiwan Excellence Awards winning companies with a few simple clicks or swipes.

Chern-chyi Chen, Director General of Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade, also spoke at the event. He noted that the Taiwan government has already implemented various measures to assist industries to respond to the impact. The agency, Chen said, vowed to expand advertising and promotion in international markets and to help enterprises win business opportunities during the toughest times.

The product launch included Mediland’s disinfection robot, Great Group Medical’s respiratory device, APEX Medical’s healthcare solution, Taiwan Stanch’s surgical face masks, ONYX’s telehealth and smart hospital product from ONYX, vaccine and test kit from Medigen Vaccine Biologics and BluSense Diagnostics, all of which are pandemic prevention products.

Other brands present at the product launch included Radiant Innovation, Tex Year, Asiatic Fiber, Advantech, IEI Integration, Rice Ear, QS Control and Kimforest. The group presented their innovative pandemic-prevention products to the world at the online press conference, which attracted over 200 participants from Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, the Philippines, Korea, South Africa, Egypt, Australia, among others.

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