Everything you need to know about Starbucks Summer 2019! New Drinks, Food, Cards, and more!

Which of these two songs can you sing along to?

In the summertime when the weather is hot
You can stretch right up and touch the sky
When the weather’s fine….
Have a drink, have a drive
Go out and see what you can find

or is it this one?

When I met you in the summer
To my heartbeat sound
We fell in love
As the leaves turned brown
And we could be together baby
As long as skies are blue
You act so innocent now
But you lied so soon

Regardless of which era you belong to, one thing is certain, we all have that one unforgettable summer memory that always puts a smile on our face.

Summer is all about fun and making new memories and Starbucks, our favorite cafe is again launching a new line of drinks, food items and of course limited edition #StarbucksCards to help us make those special summer moments.

Starbucks Siren’s Island

Last Saturday, April 6, 2019, the SM MOA Music Hall was transformed into Starbucks Siren Island. Reminded me of those small touring carnivals when I was young–minus the rides of course, but double the fun.

The Siren’s Island

The Starbucks Siren called customers to revel in a fun and feel-good break at the Siren’s Island – an island-carnival event where they could throw their cares to the wind and have a good time, all while enjoying the latest Starbucks’ summer offerings.

At the event, there was a grand Starbucks Ship welcoming deck – a wooden dock that marked the entry way to the sweetest destination. Fusing the elements of an island getaway and a summer pier carnival, the Siren’s Island brought the best of summer experiences in one spot. 

Different stations were inspired by the new Starbucks beverages just like the tall, Dark Caramelt Mountain with its rich caramel lava. Fortunes were uncovered at the Triple Mocha Room which was designed in true carnival fashion. There were also plenty of games to play at the booths just like berry-picking at the Mixed Berries Forest and the classic ring toss game at the Red Velvet Magic Shack. 

No carnival would be complete without a merry-go-round and the Siren’s Island also had it with a twist, a Selfie-Go-Round, carousel-themed 360◦photo booth where everyone got to goof off and share clownish moments with their friends. Dressed up as a carnival knick knack store, there was also the Siren’s Souvenir Shop where guests got to grab Starbucks merchandise. The funfair was complete with a food cart that served up Starbucks drinks and snacks. 

The Siren’s Island is just the first of many more fun and carefree summer moments that customers can share with Starbucks. Starbucks’ doors are always open, calling everyone to come in to getaway and sip a quick summer escape!

Each booth rewarded us with tickets, get four and you get to pick a prize from the minor prizes (Starbucks BagTags, folding fans); win 8 tickets and you get to pick from one of the grand prizes (Starbucks branded Neck Pillow, pouch, or summer bag.

After the activities it was time for refreshments and we had the choice to try out their new summer beverages:  #TripleMochaFrappucino #DarkCaramelCoffee #RedVelvetCakeCream there was also #MixedBerry  which picked because I loved those pomegranate pearls that pop in your mouth.

Starting April 9, you can also try these beverages at your favorite Starbucks that taste like a short, sweet, sip of summer. Its new core drinks—the Triple Mocha Frappuccino, the Dark Caramel Coffee Frappuccino, and the Red Velvet Cake Cream Frappuccino—are perfect for dessert lovers.

The Triple Mocha Frappuccino is loaded with Dark Mocha Sauce layered between cold-brew infused whipped cream, white chocolate, and dark caramel. Take away the Dark Mocha Sauce and add some rich and buttery Dark Caramel Sauce and the drink transforms into the delicious Dark Caramel Coffee Frappuccino. Another drink added to the regular menu is the Red Velvet Cake Cream Frappuccino, a confectionery-inspired blend of chocolaty chips, mocha sauce, raspberry and vanilla syrup, topped with whipped cream.

For those who want to feel the tropical vibes, Starbucks also offers a limited-time beverage just for the season of sun – the Mixed Berry Frappuccino® with Pomegranate Pearls. The smooth and fruity beverage is made with mixed berry sauce blended with velvety milk, topped with cream to balance its tart berry flavor. 

Apart from their handcrafted Frappuccinos, Starbucks also offers a tropical treat in the form of fresh coffee beans with the new Starbucks Kopelani Blend – a blend that brings the flavors of Hawaii into each cup. At the heart of this summer creation is the Hawaiian Ka’u coffee, combined with East African and Latin American beans which enhances the nutty notes and caramelly sweetness, for which Ka’u coffee is known for.

Carry with you the perfect complement for the balmy weather – the Botanical card, a Starbucks Card which features island scenes and tropical plants, available for an initial activation amount of Php300. Another fun and cute design is the new Popsicle card, also available for an initial activation of Php300.

There will also be new Starbucks merchandise to help you feel summer-ready wherever you go. The ‘A Day in The Island’ collection transports customers straight to the beach with its gradient designs depicting island scenes from sunrise to sunset and tropical plants. With the sun brightly shining this time of year, the ‘Gold’ collection also perfectly captures the glow and shimmer of the season with its golden tumblers in new and classic shapes. 

Summer is whatever you make it and for some, even the simple act of stepping into their favorite Starbucks for an indulgent break is already a mini vacation.  

See you at Starbucks! Which Starbucks Summer treat are you excited to try the most?

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