Bringing more Christmas Magic to Life: United Neon Unveils Southeast Asia’s First Integrated 3D Digital Billboard

The inception of 3D digital billboards can be traced back to the bustling streets of high-tech cities, where they first lit up the urban landscape with their vivid, larger-than-life graphics. These digital marvels have since become a global phenomenon, with countries like Japan, the UAE, South Korea, and the United States leading the charge in adopting and enhancing this innovative advertising medium. The Philippines, a country known for its rapid adoption of new technologies, has recently joined this illustrious group, bringing a touch of magic to its own cityscapes.

United Neon, a trailblazer in the Philippine out-of-home advertising industry, has just revealed an awe-inspiring integrated 3D Digital Billboard in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), the first of its kind both in the nation and in Southeast Asia. This announcement comes at a time when Christmas cheer is already beginning to envelop the air. The company is no stranger to pioneering efforts, having captivated the country last year with the first-ever 3D Naked Eye digital billboard in the same location, an achievement that garnered acclaim from the Philippine Marketing Association.

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This year’s unveiling, happening mere weeks before Christmas, promises to amplify the festive spirit with a 400-square-meter screen depicting a whimsical animated scene. Audiences were transported into a miniature cityscape where a Christmas train laden with gifts chugged through a winter wonderland, igniting wonder and excitement. This spectacle underscores United Neon’s commitment to delivering creative and interactive experiences that captivate and engage.

Benjamin Lim, the Deputy Chief Operating Officer of United Neon, takes pride in bringing to the Philippines a slice of the digital artistry that cities like Tokyo and New York are famous for. He emphasizes that in an age where consumers are inundated with advertisements, an immersive experience such as this not only entertains but also forges a stronger connection between brands and their audiences. These 3D digital canvases are redefining storytelling, transforming brand narratives into captivating visual journeys.

United Neon Deputy COO Benjamin Lim and CEO Danny Lim standing in front of the newest addition to their Interactive 3D Digital Billboards in BGC (photo by Florencio P Jusay of Manual to Lyf)

“We understand that the average consumer is already being bombarded with ads every single second of their life and we want to provide a spectacle that they could fully immerse themselves in. If people actively want to see what’s on the screen then it goes a long way in helping brands connect with their audience through very engaging content, Lim said.

He adds that “these larger-than-life billboards have become a canvas for breathtaking animation that redefines how brands tell their story.”

Selecting BGC as the venue for this innovation was strategic; the locale is a melting pot of diverse cultures, socioeconomic groups, and is a hub for business and innovation in the Philippines. It’s a fitting backdrop for the most cutting-edge screens in Southeast Asia. Lim extends his gratitude to partners like the Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC) and the SSI Group, whose collaboration has been instrumental in this endeavor.

As Christmas approaches, the enchanting display of United Neon’s integrated 3D digital billboards in BGC is not just a technological feat but a new festive landmark, adding an extra layer of magic to the holiday season for Filipinos.

Lim also expressed gratitude to their partners, the Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC) and the SSI Group.

“Without the level of support that they (FBDC and SSI) have provided, the launching of the 1st integrated 3D digital billboard in the region would not have been possible,”Lim said.

“We’re so happy to see how excited the brands have been to place their ads in the 3D digital billboards and, moreso, how entertained people have been by the content on our screens. We’re counting on our partner brands to continue pushing the boundaries of advertising through this canvas that we have provided,” Lim said.

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