East meets West in a flavor fest as Shake Shack Teams Up with Toyo Eatery for first Chef Collab in Manila

Shake Shack x Toyo Eatery’s One-Day Salo-Salo Extravaganza!

Foodies of Manila, are you ready for a one-day unforgettable culinary encounter that’s bound to set your food-loving hearts aflutter and Instagram feeds ablaze?

Shake Shack, the American “roadside” burger stand, is gearing up to serve us an unexpected twist by teaming up with Toyo Eatery, a beacon of Filipino culinary ingenuity, for their first-ever chef collaboration in the heart of Manila.

A Salo-Salo Like No Other

Mark your calendars for November 11th! For one day only, starting at 9 AM, Shake Shack Central Square BGC as Shake Shack’s culinary wizard Mark Rosati and Toyo Eatery’s own maestro Chef Jordy Navarra, celebrated for his restaurant’s place among Asia’s 50 Best in 2023, are about to take us on a gastronomic journey that celebrates the rich tapestry of Filipino cuisine.

The Menu: A Culinary Canvas of Filipino Flavors

Chicken and Cheek BBQ: Imagine biting into a crispy, all-natural chicken thigh, perfectly breaded with sourdough from Panaderya Toyo, topped with succulent pork jowl BBQ, and a harmony of pickled delights—all nestled within a non-GMO potato bun.

Inasal Fries: These aren’t just any fries; these are crinkle-cut fries anointed with Toyo Eatery’s inasal mayo, sprinkled with garlic chips, and served with a side of zesty calamansi and vinegar chili dip.

Rosella at Lambanog Lemonade: Your sipping experience will never be the same once you try this innovative boozy lemonade, a spirited blend of rosella syrup and the native lambanog, known for its smooth, coconut-infused kick.

Tsokolate at Tostadong Bigas Concrete: Dessert takes a turn for the extraordinary with frozen chocolate custard blended with toasted rice pudding, candied cashews, and cacao nibs—an ode to Filipino sweets with a twist.

The Exclusives: Not Just a Meal, But a Moment

“We have been humbled by Shake Shack’s reception in Manila and couldn’t be more excited to work with Jordy for our first-ever chef collaboration,” says Mark Rosati, culinary director of Shake Shack. “Toyo Eatery is not merely a place to eat, it is a celebration of Filipino cuisine, culture, and the art of storytelling through food where tradition meets innovation. Chef Jordy’s passion and creativity in reimagining Filipino cuisine while staying true to its roots is nothing short of remarkable, every dish is a testament to his culinary vision and deep understanding of flavours and ingredients.”

And because such an affair is as much about the experience as it is about the exquisite fare, the first lucky guest to grace the event will receive exclusive Shake Shack x Toyo Eatery merch to commemorate the day. Plus, the first 30 dine-in customers will be tipped with a limited edition bucket hat, tipping its brim to Chef Jordy’s signature style.

A Day That Will Go Down in Foodie History

As a food blogger who lives for these moments, I can tell you this is not just another food event – it’s an epic moment where two culinary worlds collide, offering us a taste of the unexpected. Shake Shack’s global appeal and Toyo Eatery’s local soul are setting a table where everyone is invited to celebrate food, culture, and community.

So, dear foodies, as we eagerly await this day of indulgence, remember that this is more than just a meal – it’s a story, a conversation between cultures, and a chance to be part of something truly special. See you at the Shack!

Both rooted in their strong sense of community, Shake Shack and Toyo Eatery have both built their brands on two key foundations – food and people, reared on a mission to Stand For Something Good®. Led by the culinary philosophies of Chef Jordy Navarra that reinforce local heritage, Toyo Eatery is a constant evolution of flavors that draw inspiration from Philippine ingredients, flavors, techniques and culture. The creativity and thoughtfulness evident on their dishes and overall dining experience have consistently received various recognition.

Being awarded the Miele One to Watch at Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2018, Chef Jordy and the rest of Barangay Toyo continued pushing the boundaries in local sourcing, working with organic produce and nurturing fair agreements direct with farmers and producers. These efforts have been rewarded yet again in 2023, receiving the title of the Best Restaurant in the Philippines as well as claiming the Flor de Cana Sustainable Award for their initiatives in reducing carbon footprint through local sourcing and heritage preservation.

“Getting to work with a brand like Shake Shack gave us the chance to really have fun with flavors. Our team really enjoyed figuring out how best to incorporate our flavors into Shake Shack’s. We hope everyone who gets to try the collab meals would have fun and enjoy the taste profile of traditional Filipino components,” shares Jordy Navarra, Toyo Eatery Head Chef and Owner.

Tara, Kain Tayo! Let’s eat and make history!

A collaboration not to be missed, guests can only avail of these limited menu items for one day only at Shake Shack Central Square BGC on November 11 until supply runs out. On the same day, the first guest will receive an exclusive Shake Shack x Toyo Eatery merch from the collaboration, while the first 30 dine- in customers will receive a limited edition Shake Shack x Toyo Eatery bucket hat, which is an ode to Chef Jordy’s love for hats. The entire merchandise will be available on the event day only.


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