Be the life of the party with this Platinum Karaoke player–and get up to 60% off at the 9.9 Shopee Super Shopping day

Just like that, we’re into the last quarter of 2022.

And once September rolls in, Jose Mari Chan comes out singing his Christmas hymns reminding us that whenever he sees girls and boys selling lanterns on the street—well you all know what comes next.

But since tito Joe donned the orange colors, there’s one other season he also reminds us of—Shopee’s Mega Sale season!

This 9.9 Shopee kicks off this festive season with Super Shopping Day with exclusive flash deals, entertaining live streams and games that will make your shopping experience even more fun.

Among the deals I saw during or this sale were the ₱1 items that include a pair of cat eye sunglasses, a versatile water bottle handle, and a cute cartoon storage box that you can already buy as a gift for Christmas. If you plan on upgrading your gear you can do so for as low as ₱49 with limited-time deals on items for gaming keyboards, audio products and various accessories.

As soon as the clock strikes 12:00 AM there will be huge price drops during Shopee’s Big Midnight Sale, running from 12:00 to 2:00 AM. You can also enjoy free shipping discounts with no minimum spend or up to 10% off of your much-loved Shopee items with hourly vouchers. Remember Mas Mura sa Shopee so why look anywhere else?


With the holidays just around the corner, and hopefully with no more COVID mutations, it looks like we are finally going to enjoy face-to-face Christmas parties. That means food, drinks and lots and lots of singing.

If you don’t want to be called the Grinch of Christmas parties by refusing to touch the mic, you might want to start practicing your vocal cords in time for those karaoke parties—and invest in your own videoke machine.

One product that caught my attention and something you should consider is the Platinum KS-10 Mini SD card Karaoke Player. Originally priced at P3990, you can get it at 16% off this September 9 bringing the price down to just ₱3,062!

The Platinum KS-10 Mini SD card Karaoke Player is the most affordable SD Card Karaoke Player from Platinum one of the most popular brands in the videoke business.

The Platinum KS-10 has more than 20,000 English and OPM Songs and already includes a microphone so you don’t have to spend more money to buy one. It is also perfect to use for every occasion—where ever that may be because it’s very portable, shock-proof, and solar power-ready so you can sing your go-to karaoke songs wherever and whenever without worrying about damaging the product!

For those long trips you can even use the Platinum KS-10 Mini SD card Karaoke Player while in your car because it has a 12V adaptor.

To make singing more entertaining it also has multiple background videos, intelligent scoring, and multiple supported playback formats to test your musical prowess

Other features include 32GB Micro SD Card Storage Expandable User USB, 4 months of Song Updates, On-Screen Song Search, Music and Video Playback via USB Interface support and an extra mic input jack for Duets!

Add the Platinum KS-10 Mini SD card Karaoke Player to cart today!

If you’d rather look for a more premium model just check out Platinum Karaoke’s Official Store here for even more choices.

Celebrate with Shopee at the upcoming 9.9 Super Shopping Day and get up to 60% off on your favorite Platinum Karaoke products!

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