“Baby” is Rahmania Astrini’s new collab with Leanne and Naara

Indonesia-based hitmaker Rahmania Astrini (or Astri) just released her latest single Baby– a collaboration with Leanne and Naara.

The new song sees two of Asia’s most talented young artists collaborating in quarantine.

Baby, which was pre-written by Rahmania, is the second single off her EP Adolescent released early this year, and a tight follow-up to Runaway, which has struck over a million Spotify streams to date.

After finding instant connection at a songwriting camp in Stockholm in 2019, Rahmania linked up with Filipino soul duo Leanne and Naara again.

“We met Astri at a songwriting camp in Stockholm in 2019 and we just loved her style. ‘Baby’ was already pre-written and we added our own verse. We recorded all our vocals here and sent it to her team,” says Leanne and Naara. 

Rahmania Astrini

On what the song is about, Rahmania explains, “The feeling of losing someone, the grief, the trying to keep us going,’ and the mending was the inspiration behind Baby.” Theres a wistful quality to the girls’ voices that makes Baby worth repeating. Led by the girls’ stellar vocal range delivering a moving performance, the song sets off on a mellow churn around Rahmania’s brooding composition. Tinged with silky R&B elements, Baby is designed to wash us over with its melancholy.

Baby is released plus an entire EP, Rahmania provides the warmth everybody is looking for.

Rahmania and Leanne and Naara have been serving heartfelt gems from folk-pop, soul, to R&B since they first started. For five years, they were able to showcase their growth in every song. “Were learning so much from working with different artists and theres so much new ideas coming out of us. Were always excited to work on something new,” says Leanne and Naara describing this new chapter of their career.

On staying authentic and grounded in this globally competitive industry, Leanne and Naara adds, “Its challenging because it takes a lot to really look in and not get swayed by the competitiveness of this industry, but as artists we will always to know what feels right for us. It helps to stick to our guns.”

For Rahmania, one thing that she didn’t think she could ever do “is to work with people from outside my country and to actually be good friends with them like between me and Leanne and Naara!” When asked what it was like to work with the girls, Rahmania says, “It was amazing! I believe that we click really well and because of that, the process was just fun and not tiring at all. I laugh a lot with them.”

Lastly, Rahmania gives a heartfelt message to her Filipino listeners, “Thank you so much for listening to my songs! I love you guys so much, and I really hope to meet you guys soon. Mahal ko kayo!”

Rahmania Astrini’s and Leanne and Naara’s Baby, and Rahmanias EP Adolescent is now available digitally on various music platforms. For more updates follow Warner Music Philippines on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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