AirAsia Philippines celebrates World Pilots Day with mass pilot recruitment

Pilots, the unsung heroes of the aviation industry, bring millions of guests safely to their destinations every day. Recognizing their invaluable role and as part of the often-overlooked World Pilots Day in the country, AirAsia Philippines proudly celebrated by hosting a one-day mass pilot recruitment.

The pandemic has significantly impacted job security in the industry affecting pilots among others. In response, the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline has been committed to growing its pilot force not only to address the increasing demand for travel but also to provide opportunities and make dreams come true for aspiring pilots.  At present, AirAsia Philippines proudly employs 138 Captains and 116 First Officers.

AirAsia continues to make an impact in aviation by holding a dedicated mass pilot recruitment day for aspiring Allstars at its HeadQuarters – Redpoint, Manila. Hundreds of aspirants participated in the hiring event where they underwent the selection process. 

“Opportunities for pilots have been limited over recent times, especially given the challenges the airline industry has faced during the pandemic. However, we maintain a positive outlook for the future, and now that travel demand is booming once again, we are  dedicated to creating avenues of opportunity for individuals passionate about aviation. I am certain it will not stop here. Given AirAsia’s  significant  order book of over 300  aircraft deliveries until 2035 under the AirAsia Aviation Group, there’s so much more to look forward to,” shares  AirAsia Philippines CEO Ricky Isla.

“As part of our value to ‘make a difference’ here at AirAsia, we remain dedicated to connecting people, places, and passions – striving to create an impact in the industry,” Isla added.

As Labor Day approaches, AirAsia Philippines is committed to honoring its more than 2,000 Allstars, all of whom contribute to flight safety beyond its pilots. Now more than ever, amid the challenges of post-pandemic and scorching heat of the sun, the airline sees to it that they prioritize the well-being and support of every Allstar.

AirAsia values Allstars’ dreams and encourages individuals passionate about revolutionizing the travel industry to start a career in the skies today with The World’s Best Low-Cost Airline by visiting and staying tuned to AirAsia’s social media channels for regular updates.

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