6 Great foods that perfectly complement Jacob’s Creek Classic

The drinking culture in the Philippines is simple to grasp—Filipinos love to eat while drinking, no matter what they’re drinking. It can be any alcoholic drink, even red or white wine, and the experience won’t be complete without their favorite foods.

Because you’ll be wanting to have something to munch on while sipping your favorite red or white wine, it’s best to know what kind of food goes best with the wine you’re drinking. Fortunately, this isn’t hard to crack, with these common foods that perfectly complement a fine bottle.

Foods to pair with red wine

  1. Cheese

To start off, you might want to eat something light. Red wine goes well with cheese, especially stronger and bolder varieties. If you’re more adventurous with your choice of cheese, then red wine such as Jacob’s Creek Shiraz Cabernet makes for a good balance.

  • Mushrooms

Continuing from the light starter, the earthy flavor and feel of mushrooms also go well with red wine. Find a mushroom variety you love, cook it the way you like, and enjoy it with your favorite bottle of red for instance, the Jacob’s Creek Merlot.

  • Beef or Lamb

You might have heard of the old adage of pairing red wines with meat. In this particular case, it’s true—roast beef and/or lamb makes for a great combination with red wine, as both have bold flavors that bring out the best in each other. Try pairing it with the Jacob’s Creek Cabernet Sauvignon.

Foods to pair with white wine

  1. Salad
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Starting off with a salad? White wine is good for that light opening. A good bottle of white including the Jacob’s Creek Sauvignon Blanc usually complements the herbs and vegetables present in the salad, making both a refreshing meal for any occasion.

  • Seafood

If your wine of choice is white wine, one thing that immediately springs to mind is seafood. Most fish, shellfish, and oysters go great with white wine—as long as seafood is on the menu, it’s generally automatic to go with a nice white like the Jacob’s Creek Moscato.

  • Chicken

The malleable and dynamic flavor of chicken qualifies it for a white wine pairing, following the rule of white meat going well with white wine. No matter what kind of chicken dish you’re having, make sure you’ve got a good bottle of white wine such as the Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay at the ready.

For those looking for a good wine to pair with the food they love, that’s not going to make a massive dent on your wallet, you can’t go wrong with Jacob’s Creek Classic range. 

Jacob’s Creek is Australia’s #1 bottled wine brand that’s won over 8,800 industry awards over 170 years of heritage. Many people around the world trust Jacob’s Creek as millions of glasses are enjoyed globally every year, thanks to its wide selection of premium quality wine with a premium look and taste, and an accessible price range that’s great for all occasions and kinds of quality time.

Jacob’s Creek Classic red and white wines are available in all leading supermarkets and ecommerce sites nationwide starting at P449. Try a bottle today and experience quality and affordable red wine for yourself!

For more information on Jacob’s Creek wines, follow Jacob’s Creek on Facebook and checkout Jacob’s Creek on Boozy.

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